12-Year-Old Sacto Boy Takes His Own Life After He Was Bullied For Being A Cheerleader


The boy was being homeschooled at the time of his suicide. I think something deeper was wrong than him being picked on. Emotionally healthy people don’t kill themselves, especially at age 12. My guess is that the boy suffered from severe depression, causing him to obsess over the teasing, and other stressors.

Depression may not even scratch the surface of what he had.

Is anyone else tired of people saying that bullying is no big deal or a normal experience?

I would not be so dismissive of bullying.

And if he’s been bullied for months/years, the scars of that just don’t go away when you get homeschooled. In fact the pain can get worse because you can’t be at school like every other kid.

This is a terribly tragic story.


Bullies have always existed, and maybe it’s just perception, but it seems to be so much worse nowadays. I don’t know if it’s because of social media or lack of proper upbringing (or a combination of both).

I’m not dismissive of bullying. I’ve been bullied in the past, and not that long ago in the workplace. I’m firmly against it and believe schools and employers should nip it in the bud. My employer, thankfully, took action. I thank God that I have a level headed manager!

On the other hand, now that bullying is in the news, it’s become a scapegoat for everything. Accusations of bullying are thrown about too easily, similar to minorities pulling the race card.

We don’t know anything about this boy other than what is being fed to the media by parents who are likely racked with guilt themselves. Maybe they started him on an anti-depressant, which have been known to sometimes actually cause suicidal thoughts.

You know, this kind of sounds like you’re saying that of course YOUR experience with bullying was legit, but everyone else… maybe not so much.

Here is a thread I started here regarding my workplace problems.

Difficulty with co-worker, sage advise appreciated

No I’m not. I’m saying that something deeper was wrong with this poor young man to make him take his own life. That is a very extreme response to social problems at school, especially once his parents took the decisive action of removing him from the situation.

The article says he was attending middle school before this so it sounds as if he was a public school student until recently when the bullying got too bad and his parents withdrew him out of the school to home school hoping this would help him.

He looks like a smaller boy and often smaller boys get picked on quite a bit already.

Why they would allow him to join as a cheerleader? Parents should have said No.

All the cheerleaders are girls and it will only add to the bullying so when they took him out of the public school and if he was a cheerleader already, I think they should have dropped him out and put him in private class of some type that he enjoyed so they could attend.

This is a very tragic case of a nice little boy. Public schools can be brutal.

Instead the parents medicated him, probably on the advise of some counselor, as if he was having the problems causing even more problems as these antidepressants are dangerous.

Praying for the repose of this child’s soul.

I have never heard it said that it was no big deal.

It is my opinion that people are too quick to say bullying was the reason for a suicide. Suicide is not a rational response to bullying or anything else. Also, most who are bullied do not kill themselves. Therefore, bullying cannot be more than a contributing factor in a person’s suicide. It is our nature to desire someone or something to blame in a tragedy. .

Well said. I think everyone is “bullied” at one time or another, either at school or work. You don’t dress right, your parents are poor, you are actually *better *at your job than a more senior co-worker or superior (common one these days with jobs so scarce)…etc. Bullies CAN really torment you to the point where you are basically miserable 24/7, but I think most of us have emotional reserves to fall back on - too much good stuff going on to throw our whole life away. I mean that’s a sign of a serious mental imbalance. Something else was up here. But it’s sad the kid didn’t get more support from those close to him who should have clearly seen this stress and suffering in him.

Wow. This is horrible. That poor boy should not have been bullied for being a cheerleader. If he enjoyed doing it then he should have been allowed to do it regardless of what others though. Obviously he was allowed to do it but I am simply saying that the other children should not have been allowed to bully him. There should be a zero tolerance policy for bullying in my opinion.

Most of us get bullied but some kids especially small boy/ large girls or a host of factors really take massive bullying.

Some of us skate by but others don’t have the skills to do that and besides get much more. His parents probably thought he could handle it so the y let try cheerleading, the only boy on team. This aggravated it.

The school is not a natural environment. Hundreds of kids who barely know each other all put under one roof with minimal adult supervision. You think you can stop bullying. No way. I think they almost solved it by pulling him out and trying to help him new friends but they made the mistake of leaving him in a toxic environment for cheerleading.

The schools will never solve bullying- no matter how many programs it is up to the parents.

I agree.

This doesn’t quite ring right with me. There are quite a number of male cheerleaders in this country. Some get a bit of razzing for it, and some don’t. This kid was not in school, so one wonders who, at the time, was doing the bullying.

And, of course, we know nothing about his psychological condition or what else might have been going on in his life.

But it does make an attention-getting headline to make it appear he committed suicide because of bullying related to his being a cheerleader.

He was probably being bullied online. A lot of kids are vicious online.

Could be. But even so, we really don’t know why he committed suicide.

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