120 Christian Students at Ohio Bible College Face Deportation by US Immigration Agents


120 Christian Students at Ohio Bible College Face Deportation by US Immigration Agents

About 120 international Christian students attending a Bible college in Ohio could possibly face deportation after their school was recently denied recertification with the U.S. immigration exchange student program.

Although President Barack Obama plans to announce Thursday night an immigration overhaul that could allow nearly 5 million illegal immigrants to remain in the country, the 120 foreign Christian students at Marietta Bible College are in a bind after U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement declined to issue the school recertification into the the agency’s Student and Exchange Visitor Program.

In doing so, the school’s international students must either find a new school to transfer to or they will face deportation starting in February 2015. Additionally, the college may no longer accept international students.


More coverage: foxnews.com/opinion/2014/11/19/feds-order-bible-college-to-deport-120-christian-students/


At the same time, Governmental Reports, ICE have shown:

Government released hundreds of immigrant felons

With President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security finalizing a review of its deportation practices to see how they can be conducted “more humanely,” critics are using a report that found 36,007 convicted criminals were released by immigration officials last year to call for an end to the review.

In 2013, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials freed 193 people who had been convicted of homicide, 426 of sexual assault, 303 of kidnapping and more than 16,000 with drunken-driving records.



“…we find ourselves dealing with an Administration that says it stands with migrant families yet has deported more immigrants than any administration in U.S. history.”


Most of the illegal migrants coming into the US that will be helped by the action from President Obama are Catholics


Perhaps that is the reason most people want deportations to continue. It does have a historical precedence.


I know this “college” and am familiar with the situation. There is a lot more here than meets the eye. Don’t jump to conclusions assuming the government is in the wrong and this has anything to do with Obama or his executive order. There is much more here than is being revealed. Take my word for it.


Just saying, some of these countries these people are fleeing probably have majority Catholic populations.


Before this gets politically spun, here’s the local newspaper story:


The short of it is their Accrediting organization, American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions, is not recognized by the US Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. If you aren’t accredited by a real accreditor, you aren’t a real University, College, or whatever. Meaning no surprise your students can’t use visas meant for real Universities and Colleges.

I’d call it consumer protection. The college should well know that their “Accreditation” is not proper and here they are taking poor student’s money claiming they will give them a real American Diploma. This is an organization that does not deserve defense.


What does it matter what school they were attending or what their religion is? Shouldn’t we treat all illegals the same.


It may be a bit more complex than this stated above:

Well, that sounds fairly reasonable.

In lieu of accreditation – the college had to provide that three accredited schools would be willing to accept their students.

Pastor Guiler told me they complied with the request. The college was initially certified by SEVP in 2003 and their certification was renewed without issue every two years. But this year – college officials had a few questions.

“We contacted them asking them questions but they would not answer us,” he said. “They would not return our calls.”

Imagine that. A government agency that won’t return telephone calls.

They were also required to submit a financial report and a statement confirming the college was a ministry of the church.

Pastor Guiler told me they did that, too – just as they had done in the past.

But the Student and Exchange Visitor Program said they did not receive any information from the school. They filed requests in June and again in October. When they had still not heard from the school, the government sent a field investigator to Marietta.

“He reminded the school to submit evidence by the due date,” the spokesperson told me. “Again, the requested evidence was not submitted during the allotted time period.”

But Pastor Guiler disputed the government’s account of the meeting.

“There were six of us and we met with the gentleman,” the pastor said. “We provided him with all the information that he requested.”


So possibly more than red tape, still, compare this to some people who are released into the general population who are not only convicted criminals but undocumented as well.

Maybe the students deserve a break too.


Yes, all the same except the ones with criminal records. At least felonies.


Those people who think “illegals”, no matter why they are here, should be deported, would not agree.


I know this “college”, it is NOT a college. It is an anti-Catholic indoctrination center. There are other things going on that people do not realize. Just take my word for it, I live in the area, Fox news does not.


Then point us in the direction, you have proven nothing so far in 2 posts.

And show us where the Fox News report is wrong then.

Let’s not have gratuitous criticisms and accusations.

Document it if you can, not anecdotes and personal opinion.

Oh, they are “anti-Catholic”, might as well shut down half the universities in the Nation.


Marietta College congratulate Franciscan University of Steubenville in a letter of congratulations for the appointment of the Sixth President of Franciscan University. Besides that, they play them in some sports events.


None of this at the same time, takes away from the main story all the same that while felons have been released by Immigration, these students are being faced with deportation at a Christian college.

I will take the word of Franciscan University.

Side A : “Muskingum Academy, 1797 - Birth of Higher Education in Ohio”
In April 1797, a committee of Marietta citizens, led by General Rufus Putnam, met to establish an academy suitable for preparatory instruction for their youth. Muskingum Academy, completed late that year, became the first institution of its kind in the Northwest Territory, providing “classical instruction… in the higher branches of an English education.” Its first instructor was David Putnam, a 1793 Yale graduate. The building also served as the home of the Congregationalist Church until 1808. Growing and expanding with Ohio’s first city, the academy served Marietta’s educational needs for more than thirty years as the forerunner of Marietta College.

Side B : “Marietta College, 1835”
Founded as a non-denominational Christian college, Marietta College has its roots in several predecessor institutions in Marietta, beginning with Muskingum Academy in 1797. In the spring of 1832, a committee of Marietta citizens, led by Dr. S.P. Hildreth chartered the Marietta Collegiate Institute as an outgrowth of Reverend Luther G. Bingham’s 1830 Institute of Education. When it opened in 1835, Marietta College boasted a faculty of five professors and offered a full collegiate course of instruction in moral and intellectual philosophy, Greek, Latin, mathematics, physics, rhetoric, and political economy. Professor Israel W. Andrews led the college as its president from 1838 to 1885; his geological theories laid the framework of Marietta College’s lasting eminence in the field of petroleum engineering. Andrews Hall, built in 1832-1834, is the oldest building on campus.


A designated Historical Site.


Some notable graduates from Marietta college:

Carte Goodwin 1996 - U.S. Senator from West Virginia.
Dean Hess 1941 - minister and U.S. Air Force colonel.
William Irwin 1848 - 13th Governor of California.
Richard E. MacCullagh 1957 - Retired U.S. Navy Chaplain, two-time recipient of the Bronze Star Medal with Combat V.
F. Story Musgrave 1960 - Retired NASA Astronaut and Shuttle Pilot.
C. William O’Neill 1938 - 59th Governor of Ohio.
Terry Mulholland 1985 - Former Major League Baseball pitcher.
Ann Muscari 1951 - Vice President and Co-Founder, Kinder Care Learning Centers; Author of Child Care That Works.
Andrea Parhamovich 2000 - National Democratic Institute employee killed in Baghdad, Iraq on January 17, 2007.
John M. Stowell - Mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and member of the Wisconsin State Assembly.
John Strotbeck, Jr. - Former U.S. Olympic Rower and owner of Boathouse Sports.
Kent Tekulve 1969 - Former Major League Baseball pitcher, Pittsburgh Pirates.



We don’t want students paying a educational institution tuition and putting their time and energy into getting an education that ends up being useless because the school is not an accredited institution.



So it’s okay to release undocumented immigrants that have been convicted of crimes but students should be deported. See post 2. Also, see the red tape that kept them from certifying again in case you don’t know the story.

And I don’t know the full story but I doubt you do as well.


First off, the students are here legally on student visas.

But they’re being ripped off by a school that has no accreditation.

Those students can enroll in another credited institution and remain in the country to finish their education.

I have no idea about undocumented criminals that you’re posting about and it’s not relative to the topic of the thread, which apparently has a misleading headline.



Prove that they are being ripped off. Sounds like Marietta did their part, it may well be Academicians who accredit who are ripping them off.

I have no idea about undocumented criminals that you’re posting about and it’s not relative to the topic of the thread, which apparently has a misleading headline.


Yes it is relative to the thread, it is listed in post #2 for the 2nd time. Why not deport criminals as well.

it’s not relative to the topic of the thread, which apparently has a misleading headline.

What has a misleading headline, please show where it is misleading.



I’ll just address this point.

They’re not being deported because they are Christian Students, but because they are here on student visas and the regulations on student visas are that those students attend an accredited institution.

It would go the same for Muslim students who come to the US on student visas and attend a Islamic institutions. Those institutions have to be accredited.


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