1260 day/year prophecy based on 360 day Jewish year

I’ve been in a few ‘discussions’ lately centered on the 1260 day/year prophecy as advanced by (typically) Seventh Day Adventists.

Basically, for those unfamiliar with it, it proposes that the ‘time, times and half time’ from Daniel 7 represents 3 and a half Jewish years, which they calculate as 12 months x 30 days x 3.5 years to equal 1260 days. Using the ‘day for a year’ principle they propose that this 1260 year period corresponds to the political ascendancy of the Catholic Church from 538 to the imprisonment of the pope by Napolean in 1798, thus ‘proving’ that the Catholic Church (or in some versions the pope) is the antichrist.

Following my usual method of questioning other’s assumptions (but not Mary’s :wink: ) I questioned the assertion that under the Jewish calendar a month is actually 30 days. It seems on doing just the tinyest bit of research, that on the Jewish calendar, both modern and ancient (there are some differences) about half the months in the year are 29 days and half 30, making the (normal) Jewish year around 354 days. To compensate for the lunar year being 11 days shorter than the solar year, the Jews add an ‘extra’ month every third year or so, so that passover always falls in the spring.

So my question is, why, in the many various Catholic apologetics I’ve searched up against the 1260 day prophecy, is this discrepancy almost never mentioned?

Is there a basis, other than bad assumptions for saying that the Jewish year is 360 days?

Thanks in advance.
Regards Doc

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