1260 year persecution

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So today I learned about the Adventist (not exclusively) belief of the 1260 year of Papal supremecy and “persecution” (of whom??) From 538 to 1798. Here’s some links:


Refutations of this? Inconsistencies? I might have skipped over some details because its 2 am here, but some things just dont seem to match up. Goodnight!

Pax Christi!

The SDA are some of the most virulent a-Cs you’ll ever encounter and 99.9% of all their stuff is lies and baseless propaganda yanked out of context.

There was no 1260 years of persecution as they allege. Period!
Seventh-day Adventism

That site is one of the worst. it’s out of Hawaii and the guy tried to pass that stuff off here several years ago and couldn’t handle the facts that Catholics had real answers for his propaganda and when he resorted to trash talk and abuse the mods banned him. Save yourself the headaches…

Oh really? What was his username? I’m quite curious now :stuck_out_tongue:

The world has been ending, the coming, or the final better coming for years. Surprisingly none of them have happened. :smiley:

Man that was so long ago I don’t remember, but his site is Michael Scheiflers Bible Light Home Page. I think his name was Mike Scheifler, but let me go back and look around to see if any of his stuff is still on here anywhere.

Yeah, that’s him and it looks like he bailed from posting and hasn’t been back. A lot of a-Cs do that when they come in here and discover that we’re not all a bunch of ignorant brainwashed zombies who can’t answer their propaganda effectively. :shrug:

Doesn’t look like he was banned but none of his posts come up in his post history so the mods may have pulled them when he got bent out of shape.

Here are 2 links to places where I responded to him though.

Re: SDA: Christ is actually Michael the archangel?
Re: Anyone up for some “Whore of Babylon” rebuttals?

BTW, there are a lot of different responses and discussions/debates on here with various SDAs and all you needs do is do a search for “SDA” to find them.

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