13 y.o. with cancer


I’m asking for urgent prayers for a boy in Australia who has very late stage cancer. He is going through immense suffering trying to survive. This is an update from another forum from his parents.
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week 3

hi everyone, well its week 3 and patrik is struggling. The diarrhoea and vommiting is daily, sometimes hourly and we r finding it hard to put his weight back on. He is down to 36 kilos and falling so I hope we can fix that problem soon. His pain in his torso at times is unbearable. The radiation targets his entire torso so u can imagine the amount he is copping. I think it is around 7 mins of radiation with a 15 minute stay each day. The oncs said if he gets too bad they will stop the chemo. He recieves Vincristine on a monday with irotecan, and irotecan every other weekday, all this before radiation which is usually around an hour after chemo, however he continues with the treatment, i dont know how though!
hope u r all well

Paul Oakes.

Please pray for him and his family. Tim


You have my prayers.


Patrik is in my prayers


Here is an update on Patrik from his parents.

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Hi everyone,
Patrik is doing realy bad now,his nasalgastric tube came out yesterday when he was being sick.The vommiting and diarrhoea are so bad now,today (Monday) we went back to the hospital and had his nasalgastric tube put back down.Then went for radiation he has not got any better,at 7.30 pm tonight his temp went to 38.8 and still very sick.Called hospital at 9.00pm and they said they are short staffed on 6 floor which is the new 23 millon dollar cancer unit ,built 4 weeks ago.they said take Pat to emergency they will have to get his vommiting and diarrhoea under control,as they are short staffed and cant deal with Pat.When Paul told me this i was so mad i called them and i got told they had no beds ,i told them to call Pats dr Ashley and speak to him,they never called back.At 10.30 pm Pats temp went down so we called the hospital, they said he is due in tommorrow so leave it till then.Well its 1.00am now and just got Pat back to bed again,had to turn off nasalgastric feeds to see if it makes adiffrence,i be puting fluids down his tube hourly so he does not dehydrate,we are told we have one of the best hospitals in the world i dont think so.we put Pat though this harsh treatment and they cant help him when he needs it.i dont know how much more i can make him go though.where do we draw the line and say enough is enough does any one have a answer?he is about 35kg now and droping.thanks Kay

They need your prayers, Tim

  • May the Lord bless him with both a spiritual and physical healing, and may Our Bloessed Mother wrap him in her mantle. +



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Patrik is still in hospital but is getting better. His weight has stopped dropping and is now on the rise, from 33kg to 35.8kg. The oncologist, Prof Ashley, is slowly getting him stronger so they can resume the 7 last radiotherapy treatments on Wednesday the 8th Nov. We have good news though and this is that the last scans have showed NO, YES NO traces of cancer in his body, anywhere. This is great news considering the cancer once occupied nearl 40% of him. Instead of stopping treatment as they have overseas the Oncologist is going to continue treatment for a further 6 months which will consist of intense chemo. This is to stop any relapsing of this beast as it has in other children overseas which eventually ends their fight. If it works it will be a first in the world so we are keeping our fingers, and whatever else we can, crossed…

Paul Oakes)

Praise God!!!:slight_smile:


a first in the world? Curing cancer in kids is nothing new or am i missiing something here?


He has late stage 4 testicular cancer. I barely survived stage 3. I think he is talking about a complete cure. I had only a 30% chance of cure at stage 3. Thanks , Tim


Here is a link to a website his parents have. caringbridge.org/cb/inputSiteName.do?method=search&siteName=patrikoakes


Here is an update on Patrik. He’s a fighter.
Thank you for your prayers. Tim

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Hi everyone

Patrik had a great Christmas day, nausea and pain free!! He is eating well and we are also feeding him on overnight liquid feeds. He was 40.3 kilos when we left hospital and I reckon he has put on more since, which is great news. His next appointment is on the 3rd of January for VAC so it’s only an overnight stay. His only issue is that the hair that has grown back is starting to hurt him so we have to shave it off. This will then stop his headaches and let him wear his beanies more comfortably. Anyway not much has been happening and I hope you are all well…

All the best
Paul Oakes
Father to Patrik dx 28/2/06 Paratesticular ERMS 32cm12cm8cm Trunk 38cm24cm12cm.
Given two weeks to live and still going strong!


God bless this boy and his family - as well as all other children struggling with cancer - a beast of a disease.




praying for brave patrik and his poor parents.


Wow, great news. The power of prayer, awesome! Thanks to all who prayed. Tim

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Hi everyone,

well we have recieved great news, Patriks scan was clear apart from a 3mm lump in his right lung. The Oncs are not sure what it is at this time but they r going to leave it until after his chemo has finished, which at this stage will be aroung July-August. The only way to determine what this lump is to take it out. I know Patrik has been thru alot these past 12 months but Im leaning towards taking the thing out at the end of his treatment. Peace of mind! His pain was due to the stent blocking the kidneys. This is to be taken out next Wednesday. This is the stent that should have been removed months ago! when Kay Pat & I turned up but the Oncs sent us home. If they had done it then he wouldnt be having the trouble now. Im just glad that the scans did not show any cancer in his main areas, what a relief…

Hope u r all well
Paul Oakes


Update for you all. Thank you for your prayers. He doesn’t know he has been a fisher of men! Tim

07-10-07, 06:32 PM
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Hi everyone,
Patriks counts are good so he started chemo again on Monday.
He will do chemo everyday until Friday the 20th July and no more chemo,then he will have his full CT scan on the 24th July.This has been a long long road and it has taken its toll on us,Paul and i are trying to decide now that Pat is at the end of treatment do we sell our house and everything else we have and go and see some of Australia with the children.Patriks still only has a 5% chance of living the next 5 years,chemo will take about 3 months to wear off and after that its a waiting game.We want Patrik to live and see as much as we can give him in the next couple of years.We also want to get to meet as many of yous as we can,without you guys i dont think we would have made it.Trying to decide is so hard Patrik wants to live on a boat and travel around Australia doing lots of fishing it sounds great but we know nothing about that life style and it would mean leaving everyone behind and going it alone,and that scares me.Have any of yous just sold everything after fighting cancer and lived a diffrent life style?Well Paul has seen some boats on the internet he wants to look at.
if anyone has any advice we would love to hear from yous as we just cant decide.Thanks Kay




Holy martyrs Cosmas and Damian, heal young Patrik!


Praying for him and his family.


Prayers for Patrik amd his parents!


prayer said for you

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