"..13 years I told you lies"

The people want change it seems.


What is sad is I get the unrest, maybe just maybe the government is very unpopular with most of the population… some would like us to come in, probably won’t happen. Some would like us to go into Venezuela, I don’t think that will happen either. I just don’t see how these people can throw off the yoke of those in power. In Iran, as we know, many have died already protesting the government. Very sad.


Nor should it. Throwing the yokes off other people isn’t the job of the US military.


It doesn’t work like that anyway, and never has. A US invasion would kill off any grassroots movement. The best thing the United States can do is not get involved.


And the truth is though, we are trying to affect regime change in Venezuela, so I was saying, I’m saddened, that what we do short of military might may not change the regime. Venezuela actually does have a legitimate president in Juan Guiado and not Maduro. So, regime change or whatever one wants to call it, we support him.

Iran is a similar situation. We are more concerned about their developing nuclear weapons but it would be good to see a regime change there too. But Iran obviously, needs new leaders too.

Venezuela actually does have a legitimate president in Juan Guiado and not Maduro.

How is he more legitimate than Maduro? He never won a popular election.


We’ll see. The last uprisings ended with a very harsh crackdown. The Ayatollahs run a parallel regime that isn’t answerable to anyone. That’s the sad irony of the Revolution, it replaced one autocrat with another, and the post-Revolution regime has just as eagerly used its secret police and security services as the Shah did.

What it’s going to take for the Islamic Republic to fall is for the regular army to either mount a coup or at least stay in the barracks should they be called on. But Khameini commands the Revolutionary Guard, and its resources are substantial. Not enough, likely, to take on the regular army for long, but a civil war would be pretty brutal. And it would land Iran right where it was in 1979; with a younger, better educated and more liberal urban populace against a large conservative faction.

“The people want change it seems.”

SEEMS? I think it’s pretty obvious, they DO. I just hope they’re successful, this time.


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