14-29 ages of Jesus?

I have read about Jesus life that ı find very interesting. According to a claim that Jesus had been in Tibet between about 14-29 ages. Does Anyone know anything about this topic?

Baseless, misconstruction of reality.


How in the world would he reach Tibet when he was super poor, even in the 1st century’s standards? What would he be doing there, or what would attract him there, even? And, more than anything, what kind of evidence supports a claim like that? :confused:


the only eveidence for this far out theory is from the 1800 and I think it is just pure nonsense. It was invented to show Jesus was closer to far Eastern theology than monotheism.


I watched a documentary on Youtube called ‘Jesus was a buddhist monk’ a few years ago. From what I recall, it was proposed that Jesus was crucified, but rather than dying, he fell unconscious, woke up a few hours later and believed himself to be resurrected (even though he had never died). Now that in and of itself is a stretch, because, as far as I know, there are no ancient accounts of even a single person surviving a crucifixion beyond a few hours, so to say that he [Jesus] went on to make a full recovery is laughable. It’s altogether ahistorical.

But it gets weirder. The documentary then postulates that, after recovering, Jesus traveled to the east and studied Buddhism. They can no more prove that than they can prove an invisible dragon lives in my garage.

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