14 cardinals from Canada, US eligible to vote in conclave

WildCathoilic- I would more than support a US Cardinal for a CHANGE!! :thumbsup:

Well said.

There are many fine and true N. American Cardinals for which we should all be grateful.

I think, however, we all might have hopes of one or more in particular.

As a person living in Italy, I have to say that the Italians that I have met, including one or tow men of the Cloth, are not particularly expressing a hope for an Italian pope.

They, as you, see a larger picture.

Not of nation, but of Church.

But I can understand Americans of the North Continent or the South hoping to see a pope from their region.

I am personally disposed towards the Cardinal Tagle.

And this seems to be my heart and not my head speaking.

But it it is not my will that will be done, but His.

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