14 Narrative Books of the Bible


If anyone is familiar with Jeff Cavins’ popular ‘Bible Timeline’ series… he mentions that the “14 narrative books” is not his own original idea (I know Scott Hahn and others also have created studies out the 14 narrative books…) but that this method came from one of the early Church Fathers… does anyone know which one (and where)?


Got this from justacatholicgirl

These are the books to read that give you the big picture of salvation history. From Jeff Cavins’ GREAT ADVENTURE bible study.
The Great Adventure – A Journey Through The Bible

Genesis (Early World & Patriarchs)
Exodus (Egypt and Exodus)
Numbers (Desert Wanderings)
Joshua (Conquest & Judges)
Judges (Conquest & Judges)
1 Samuel (Royal Kingdom)
2 Samuel (Royal Kingdom)
1 Kings (Royal Kingdom & Divided Kingdom)
2 Kings (Divided Kingdom & Exile)
Ezra (Return)
Nehemiah (Return)
1 Maccabees (Maccabean Revolt)
Luke (Messianic Fulfillment)
Acts (The Church)


I'm watching the old series "our Father's Plan" on EWTN where Cavins and Hahn are discussing the timeline. It's a good and informative series -- to me -- but they LEAP over entire books of the Bible, for sure.

I think the timeline is virtually common by now, in Protestant bibles appendixes, maybe elsewhere, too.

Can't help much more than that.


I’ve listened to the podcasts in the past and am going thru this again with the workbook and the podcasts. It’s called “Our Father’s Plan”, like Crumpy mentioned. The podcasts can be found here

Our Father’s Plan


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