14 year old Christian boy beheaded



A 14 year old Christian boy in Iraq was decapitated by Islamic terrorists on October 21st. They asked for his ID which labeled him a Christian. They said he was a “dirty Christian sinner.” He bravely asserted his Christianity. They then beheaded him to cries of Allahu akbar. May the poor child rest in peace.

The response from the Islamic community? Nothing.

Islam has got to change and Muslims need to apologize for these kinds of atrocities.


In the meantime, keep praying that this type of senseless killing will stop. :gopray2:


You have a better chance of hitting the lottery. Better yet, being struck by lightning in your car. :rolleyes:


I have said it before and shall say it again.
Islam is a religion of violence and terror and their god is not our God.




People also have to understand, we are at war. It is a political war as well as a Holy war. It’s already started. Pope John Paul
said “Do Not Be Afraid.” That boy is in Heaven sitting with Jesus and looking at the mess of this world. I will pray for them.


I’ve posted this reply in another thread about who is responsible of the killings in Iraq :

In general,
it is a sunni sect which consider Ibn Taymiyah as their founding Father, they have an extreme and aggressive look against who does not carry their beliefs, to sufis, ash’arries and especially to Shiites, and some might consider these sects as infidels and faithless !

They find Jehad as a necessity and a must, and thats why we find them in Afghanistan, Chechneya and Iraq, taking into consideration their perception of the american presence in the middle east and iraq as oppression and invasion, so they must be fought, killed and slaghtered.

But why the Shiites ?
First as we have mentioned, to those in Al Qaeda and its followers and admirers, Shiites are being looked as though thery are:

  1. Infidels - Not muslims
  2. American Agents - because they accepted the american presence and co operate with them
  3. Since the leaders of the Iraqi Government , the dominating iraqi party and the prime minister noori al maliki are shiite, and shiite are in power, salafi’s think that shiites pose a threat to sunnis in iraq.

It is important to mention that those groups - the wahabis and salafis - before the mid ninties were actually “nurtured” and “strengthened” by the saudi and the US governments to fight communism !

The Saudi Government played an important role in the seventies and eighties in supporting and backing up those groups with their ideologies in afganistan and in different countries. So it is quitley correct of we say that these extermist groups are a mkae of saudi and US.

These groups are being disapproved and rejected by most muslims today and disagree with their acts ! Even some wahabis today cooled down a bit and backed off some of its beliefs as it is being rejected by many but still are considered extreme

And I would like to add that one shi’ite clergymen was beheaded couple of years ago, and he is considered a muslim ?

Than who is blame ?
Is it islam ?
Than why some muslims are being targeted !

Before the sectarianism war today which started after blowing up the holy shiite shrines in samarra earlier this year, shiites were continually killed daily, and the most recent was the explosion in Al Sader City yesterday !

Shiites are a part of Islam and they are beheaded 1000 times more, than who is to blame ?


Beheaded 1000 times more? More than what? What about what is going on in Africa, the beheadings of Christian schoolgirls, the knocks on the doors in the Phillipines if you say you are a Christian, you die. I read it all. What about what is going on in France?? Never mind Iraq and Afghanistan.
The Muslims don’t seem to wanna reason with anyone, especially christians. I’m sorry, you might be a wonderful person, but The Muslims don’t want to reason with anyone. We are in a Holy war whether you want to admit it or not.

Answer me this question, What does The Koran say to do to the idolater, the blasphemer, the infidel, the mushrik?? The teaching of Mohummad in the Koran is kill The Mushrik.
the Muslims have not understood the promise of Mohummad is bogus. The penny has not dropped for them yet; the connection has not been made in their minds.
Islam is in a fight to the death with Christianity, with The Catholic faith. Mohammed said “God will send 5000 angels to give victory to Islam, so don’t fear, go ahead into battle.” The Mohammedans, who use the sword, will wield the sword, and will accomplish nothing but the shedding of blood, but they will not conquer the world for Islam.


exmark, I hate to tell you, but shiites behead people too. They also persecute Christians. That is something that needs to be addressed.


If someone was beheaded in the U.S. because he was a Muslim, the whole society would be outraged. It would be on tv night after night, and NO ONE would support the perpetrator. The FBI would hunt the perpetrators to the ends of the earth, and law enforcement would expend whatever resources it took not only to bring the perpetrator to justice, but to stamp out every root and branch of any organization behind it.

But in Islam, we see none of that when someone of another religion is murdered, and never do. I don’t see how the existence of some radical sects adequately explains the utter indifference Islamic societies with which they regard such atrocieites. It’s a much deeper thing than just the fact that there are some Wahabists around. If the U.S. soldiers weren’t in the way, Iranian and Iraqi Shiites would kill every last Sunni in the country. If the Sunnis could manage it, they would murder every Shiite. Islam is just plain ok with killing rival religious groups, and it’s a terrible indictment of Islam that it’s true.


yes bella5110,
in iraq, compared to others, shi’ite have just suffered the most than anyone. it’s true that today sunnis and shi’ite kill each other but how did this start ? It started after the destruction of some of holy shrines and tombs of sacred icons in shi’ites beliefs. The most sacred were the tombs in Sammarra, since than shi’ite people started to fight back and take revenge !

I don’t want to justify the killings, but want to make a point about who started it !

Since the freedom of Iraq, the shi’ite people have suffered !
Mass killings by suicide bombers in Shi’ite Mosques, villages, markets or any where else you find gatherings of shi’ite at any point ! Remember the bombings of Karbala in Ashura two years ago ? thats one of a hundred incidents!

And for your information bella, those terms: Infidel, mushrik etc. are also named to shi’ites, i.e shi’ite are infidels, mushrik too,eventhough shi’ite are considered muslims even by sunnis!
Whereas the Shi’ite people who kill the sunnis, don’t do it because they are sunnis, or mushriks, its just for revenge !

And the same today is happening to Shi’ite people in Pakistan, and to the hazara people in afganistan ( during taliban regime ) where shi’ite women are taken as slaves !

Whereas what you’ve mentioned about killing the mushrikeen, if true, it was for a specific situation and time, where the mushrikeen in mecca where planning to plot to attack Mohammed and his followers in Medina, and intended on doing it with other Mushrikeen tribes and Jews. But the people-salafis or wahabists - today, who kill everybody around just because he is not taking or believing their view of islam, try to generalize their killings on everybody.

Al-Qaeda people are salafis and wahabists see the blood shed of some of the muslims too …


I won’t deny that, but these acts are against the teachings of islam, but are individual acts. And as an example we find that Bahrain a country ruled by a sunni family and with a shi’ite majority of the population are tolerant about having Churches and Christian Societies, Hindus have 3 Temples in Bahrain, and one Synagogue…

And there have not been any reports of threats or attacks on these houses of worship !

Here is a picture of a shi’ite clergymen named Sayyed Moussa Al- Sader in a christian church in Lebanon with a speech:


And what you talk about are acts that do not represent shi’ite beliefs, and many shi’ites disapprove that Iran is representing them, since the shi’ites themselves - even some ayatullahs - are oppressed and sometimes killed in Iran !

Shi’ites are tolerant to other beliefs and as an example look to the relationship between shi’ites and christians in southern lebanon ! some Christians are Hizbullah guerillas and fight israeli soldiers side by side with shi’ites in lebanon. Christian churches in shi’ite villages have not been touched ! The Shi’te - Christian relationships in Lebanon is an example.


And this is why we need not fear: the angels of Heaven will come again and they will destroy the godless. They will destroy all that is unholy. It is not for the Christian to wage “Jihad”, but rather to respond to the unholy “Jihad”, with the Holy Crusade. Pope Pius V proclaimed a crusade years ago, it is for Mohammedans the dirtiest word in human language: Crusade.
the assistance of the angels, and the armies and legions of angels, is with the disciples and followers of Christ. And it must be so, because Our Lord’s promise does not have an expiration date. “Behold, I am with you ALL days, even to the consummation of the world.” I say this because of the Holy war that will wage and is in fact here now. My brothers and sisters in Christ, Do not fear. :angel1:


exclaim, these are NOT individual acts. Islam has done them from the very beginning. In Iran they are part of state policy. I bet the Christians in Iraq would beg to differ about who suffers the most. The problem of Islam and violence won’t be solved until all Muslims face up to it.


Musa al Sader was moderate that’s why he was killed…are you still Shia looking for him or are you convinced he was killed maybe by Al-Kazzafi?


I am shocked and horrified such a terrible thing should happen to a child. That is aweful. Child abuse as bad as it can get.

I am sure he is in heaven resting with Christ. We need to pray for his bereaved family.

I have often defended Islam on these forum as I believe it wrong to attack folk. But I am shocked to learn that this was done in the name of Islam.

God help the poor Christians in Iraq.


James IV had the answer to the murdering infidels but not one followed his lead and all just stole his money! Now we pay for their mistakes.

Please sign the Petition.


The beatitudes exlpain about being humble…Humility and righteous justice…

Do the Koran have like a sort of —Muslim beatitudes?

nah…i dont think so…if the idea here is to kill those who are not with Islam…well somehow they have been thinking they are the only human in this world…

sorry…radicality comes in again…


Um, Sixtus, I don’t want to sound rude but have you been under a rock lately?? Children are being murdered in Africa the same way, and The Phillipines. Although there are a lot of Christians in The Phillipines. there is hatred among Muslims who want the whole world to convert by the sword. It will never happen as Our Lady foretold. Shocked in the name of Islam?? Do you read the papers? Or watch the news?? Just surprised you don’t know what’s happening in the world. :wink:


Exclamation Mark,

Explain the poor guy from I believe Syria, who studied the Bible in secret for 16 years. He was caught and was told he would die if he continued to do so. The media caught on and exposed him, so that the world may see that you cannot be a Christian there. Furthermore, he escaped to The Vatican where our beloved Pope took him in. He became Catholic. You can fool others, but you cannot fool me.

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