14th and 15th Century Theologians



I’m not sure if this is the right section to post this is in. But I was wondering, besides Duns Scotus, William of Ockham, Nicholas of Cusa and Erasmus, are there any notable theologians from the period between the condemnation of 1277 and the Reformation, whose works are available in English? I’m interested in how theologians would have defended/explained/articulated the faith in the post Aquinas/pre Reformation period.

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You would think there would have been much in this period with the flourishing of the universities, but the 14th and 15th centuries pale with theological writing with the couple centuries aforehand. Duns Scotus really was the last of the great Scholastics.

Though not a Scholastic philosopher or theologian, Thomas à Kempis lived in this period, however. His classic The Imitation of Christ has for quite long now held a place within the thoughtful minds of Christians second only to the Gospels


I agree that Duns Scotus enabled a lot of thinking to offer a student.


Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross, living towards the end of that period, are both named Doctor of the Church. And while we might dismiss mystical theology as being less relevant, they contributed greatly to our understanding of the nature and will of God, by virtue of direct experience mainly. Perhaps God moved in a special way then where we were lacking in theological pursuit.


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