15 Decade Rosary


Anyone pray the whole rosary on a regular basis? I’m looking for more devoted practices and was wondering what experiences have with this particular one.





I pray 20 decades. I love the Illuminus it is like walking with Jesus through His life. I made my own scriptural rosary. It helps to keep me on track.


FSSP parish so no Luminous Mysteries. I LOVE the scriptural rosary though.


I pray everyday but just the assigned mysteries - if I had the time and no kids/wife/ work I wouldn't mind do all the mysteries everyday -

im sure Monks do - I don't think ive ever done all the mysteries in one day :eek:


I’m retired so I pray the Rosary constantly. Had a great day today, did 15 five decade Rosaries.


God bless you!


I have long meditated on the three theological virtues when praying the Rosary:

Joyful - Faith: Annunciation - the Faith of Mary to give her life to God’s plan; Visitation - the Faith of Elizabeth to recognize the living Christ in another - Mary; Nativity - the Faith of the Shepherds to respond to God’s great news; Presentation - the Faith of Simeon to know God will fulfill His promises; Finding the Child - the Faith of Mary and Joseph to know they can find Jesus in His Holy Temple when they are separated

Sorrowful - Hope: In the Garden - Hope in mental anguish; Scourging - Hope in physical pain; Crowning with thorns - Hope in humiliation; Carrying the Cross - Hope in the journey to death - life’s journey; Crucifixion - Hope at the hour of death.

Glorious - Love: Resurrection - God so loved us He destroyed death and promises us eternal life; Ascension -God so loves us he went to prepare a place promised to us in Heaven; Pentecost - God so loves us He sent the Holy Spirit to be with us as He promised; Assumption - God so loves us He assumed Mary into Heaven to prefigure, and as a promise of, our bodily resurrection; Crowning Mary - God so loves us He crowned Mary to prefigure, and as a promise of, our Heavenly crown of eternal glory with Him.

Thus when we pray that “we may imitate what they contain and obtain what they promise” those are clearly set forth…


I pray 5 decades of the Rosary daily and usually, but not always, pray 15 decades of the Rosary during my weekly hour of Eucharistic Adoration. Two things have helped me with my devotion to the Rosary.

First, using de Montfort’s first method of saying the Rosary as described in The Secret of the Rosary.

Second, the the Message of the Rosary by Rev A. Biskupek.

The Joyful Mysteries
The Sorrowful Mysteries
The Glorius Mysteries


I was praying 15 decades a day until I read that Our Lady wants us to pray 20 decades a day from a Medjugorge website. Now I do 20.


yeah I love the Luminous Mysteries. There is a pictural shrine at Medjugorje for doing the Luminous Mysteries. It is encouraged we add them and pray them.

I used to give the 20 decades a crack and often did everyday but now that I am married, squeezing in just one rosary a day I find difficult. :frowning:


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