15 things to NEVER say to an atheist

Really good, useful video.


I love #3.

Also, he did a part 2:


if anyone has any ideas on how to talk to atheists, let me know. i see this kind of thinking everywhere, they think they’re smarter and that christians are just ridiculous. i odn’t bother talking anymore, i just try and live the gospel instead. which is also a bit of a problem since i’m just a poor sinner and really can’t do it very well

Stopped listening at point #1. This guy is clueless. It’s a good question. The question does not imply that they lack morals, but challenges them to figure out where exactly they do derive their morality and how they can possibly justify moral statements, especially considering the fact that they so often make moral judgments against religions, and Christianity in particular.

These are a good resource for anyone who wants to have a conversation with an atheist, especially if they want to avoid shutting down the conversation before it even begins or bringing a good conversation to a grinding halt because the Christian says something insulting. Or maybe it’s not insulting but a tiresome falsehood like Catholics are told we worship Mary or we aren’t really Christians.

totally agree the question does not imply they have no morals

Watched some of it. I found the guy really smug and condescending.

Also he has no sense of logic. For example, as Rete points out, “Where do your morals come from” is completely different from “You don’t have any morals.”

Also, “Why would God be mad at me for doing some research, instead of just going to church a couple times a week,” is not really responsive to “What if you’re wrong?” It’s not the research that’s the issue, it’s the faulty conclusions.

I made it to number 9, and then just got tired of the insults. There is no point in having a religious dialogue with someone in his mindset. Prayer and witness without words are the only things that might work.


Right, and Christians don’t think that? They just think atheists are dumb enough not to think of blatantly freaking obvious questions like, ‘what if you’re wrong?’

(My bolding.)

True. And I think there is value in not piling on saying things like those in the videos to any non-believer. Wouldn’t you prefer a non-Catholic Christian to take this approach (praying and witness without words) instead of hauling out the usual misinformation?

So it’s more like 15 things this particular atheist doesn’t want you to say because he doesn’t understand how to answer the questions.

As a former atheist, I agree with you! I’ve read lots of books that are supposed to help Christians “witness” to atheists or answer “skeptics’ questions” but they never seemed to ask/answer the questions I really had as an atheist - or show any acknowledgement of the fact that not all atheists “hate God”. Most of them don’t believe in God, hence the name. :wink:

15 good questions he took in the wrong way.

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