150,000 converts this year at Easter

Given the scandals that have rocked the church in recent years this seems to be a massive number of converts. I would like figures of the type of churches that they are coming from. Is it mainline protestants or the mega church types that have got bored with the glitz and show biz?

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and my girlfriend is one of them! Amen!

No offense, but are there any figures on how many left, or simply fell away. I’m one of those.

Perhaps you could have taken time to do a web search and then given us some insight into the matter. Since you have the personal experience in your background you could shed light on the issue.

To the matter of converts - I think that large of a number of converts is great. The more Catholics speak up and the more we show God’s love to people then the more converts there will be.

Congratulations to all incoming Catholics:clapping::signofcross::amen:

There are 400 in my diocese alone, which isn’t that big. Praise God.

And tht number could be expanded, because not everyone who comes into the Church does so at the Easter Vigil. We usually have some people throughout the year make a Profession of Faith at Sunday Mass.

Considering the size of the Catholic church, that number is somewhat of a joke, statistically speaking. Indeed, heaven rejoices over one sinner that repents, but that would be an impressive figure for a church with less than a million members. That would be approximately 15%, and considering most “conversions” happen at Easter in Catholicism, well, honestly, is this really supposed to be impressive? A church that boasts 1.5 billion members growing by .001%? Wow. That means that 99.999% of members are ineffectual in their outreach.

Conversion is a work of the Holy Spirit, which has no bearing whatsoever on the effectiveness of church members. And, if that 150,000 is only counting the US, it’s more like a 3% increase in American Catholics, not .001%.

Yeah, well, a Catholic was the one to bring up numbers to impress everyone. That’s why I asked the question about U.S. vs. worldwide conversions. But in any case, you’re appeal to the work of the Holy Spirit is only a half-truth. Jesus said the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. That shoe seems to fit. And does that include infant baptisms?

And if I do not pedal the first mile of my upcoming 12,000+ mile bicycle ride I will never get to the 12,000th mile. Statisically speaking that first mile is not that impressive, but highly necessary.

If I were to tell people I am going on a 40 mile bicycle ride there would be a lot of yawning. A 12,000 mile bicycle ride is merely a 40 mile ride done 300 times. This even leaves 65 days of vacation time during the year.

These people are pedaling their first mile on their Catholic bicycles so to put it.

It is something to celebrate :extrahappy::heaven:

God bless

Don’t get me wrong, as I pointed out in my first response, there is rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents; however, this attempt to impress everyone with numbers turns out to be not all that impressive from a “worldly” standpoint.

Some of us are working to change that. :thumbsup:

And does that include infant baptisms?

Infant baptisms are not conversions, and infants are not typically baptized at Easter Vigil.

The article says that the 150,000 are all in the U.S.

The numbers of converts worldwide is much larger, especially in Africa.

:yyeess: Praise be to God!

I know more converts who are Catholics than those born into the Faith. Several reverts, too, including myself. It seems those who are leaving are weak, rebellious, and poorly formed. Contrast this with the strong character of those who are converts.

I did not bring it up to impress anyone. I brought it up because i was surprised by the figures. All I seem to hear about in the mainstream media is that the Church is finsished but as so often happens to be the case the truth is different.

The other point is the fact that the numbers of converts is large when you consider the sex scandals that have happened over the past few years - especially in the US. Could Catholicisms PR be any worse? And yet here are all these new people…

And yes i expect lots of people will have left. In fact i was one of them. For many years I thought how can i support the church when it seems to have acted so badly towards all of those children. But then i realsied that i was tarring the whole church with the evil deeds of a few and that a church that can produce a Mother Theresa (and there are thousands of unsung heros/heroines like her) will also produce some rotten eggs.

Actually just tonight on The Journey Home, the guest on there (the gentleman’s name is lost to me now) said there will be around 1,000,000 converts this year worldwide this coming Saturday.:gopray2:

Thanks for clarifying. I’ll ask again, does this number include infant baptisms? Maybe that should be obvious, but since I was never really exposed to this growing up in a broken Catholic family, I don’t know.

I answered this above, you might have missed it:

The article stated that infant baptism was not included in that number. This article is strictly about people converting. But I would guess that if whole families were converting to Catholicism this Easter Vigil, that there would possibly be infants being baptised also?

Are you wanting to know how many infant baptism’s there are in a given year in the church?

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