$150,000 lawsuit against Oregon Couple Who Refused To Bake Lesbian Wedding Cake



Her husband then took over: 'I mean quite frankly, they didn’t just harass us, they harassed the other wedding vendors that we did business with. It cut off our referral system.
‘We had to shut the shop down.’
Responding to the fact that the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries said there is strong evidence that the couple broke the law, Mr Klein said: ‘It’s horrible to see your own government doing this to you.’

  • Melissa Klein and husband Aaron shut Sweet Cakes after ordeal last year
  • They refused to bake wedding cake for Rachel Cryer and Laurel Bowman
  • State said there is a strong case they broke the law by refusing service
  • Mrs Klein cried as she hit out at the $150,000 law suit against them


Even if the bakers broke the law, the plaintiffs are required to mitigate their damages. They could easily do this by finding someone else to bake a cake. Damages might be $25-50 at most. This is about punishing people who disagree with them, which is the opposite of tolerance.


I wonder if this couple deliberately targeted this bakery with a money-making scam in mind? I used to live in Portland, so I have absolutely no doubt this lesbian couple wasn’t aware that Voodoo Donuts downtown not only specializes in deviant (and funny) pastries, but actually performs 100% legal and binding marriages as well. Anyway, a hundred and fifty grand for refusing to bake someone a cake is both greedy and insane.


I was also going to say $25 at most, for gas to drive to the next bakery.

Sure, there is the issue of discrimination here, possibly. I would rather argue that they didn’t stock the supplies to decorate a same-sex oriented wedding cake. My hardware store doesn’t stock everything I need, and I have to shop at all the big box hardware stores to get what I want. I think my lawsuit would be laughed out of court, that the hardware store was discriminating against me, by not stocking the part I needed.

Or, you could take the other approach of setting a fee for this that was so high, that no one would want the service (a same-sex wedding cake). I don’t think that setting fees is against the law.

A lady I worked with had her wedding cake constructed to look like the church she was married in. I forgot to ask her what that set her back. And, I didn’t see anybody cut that cake either, which would have been a challenge. I would have asked for the bell tower.


Interesting concept if hard to grasp for persons like myself, posted in the Catholic News forum.


First of all, the lesbian couple is Episcopalian.

Secondly, they had gone there before. People get a sense about others, especially those who do not agree with them. There are other alternative bakeries in Portland they could have gone to.

The whole thing is a set up to silence the evangelicals.


This is despicable!As most of you are aware,there is a Christian baker here in Denver ,dealing with a similar issue.He has already stated he is prepared to either close down or go to jail for noncompliance,if necessary.He has also been ordered by law to attens sensitivity training classes! As in this case in Oregon,I don’t doubt for one minutes he also was singled out for the sole purpose of exactly what is playing out:mad::mad:


Why is this shocking or surprising? As long as people keep voting for the anti-marriage, pro-abort candidates, expect this sort of incident to grow.


Typically, those who scream the loudest for tolerance are the least tolerant of all.


The problem is that there is great indifference to anything moral reflecting absolute values.

There is a burning plant at Brooks, Oregon that was found out to be burning remains of fetuses…but the local news put the article in … somewhere…they pointed it out…but it is not easily accessible to the public.

The anti Christian forces are very very very ugly to those who disagree with them. So the local medias are reducing comments on such articles.

They have porn shops in family neighborhoods. One had nude mannequins in the front window…and the school bus with small children had to drive 10 to 15 feet away from the window to go around the shop to down behind where their homes were.

The local public driving by there with very heavy traffic was totally indifferent…but shocking when you are driving out of the neighborhood seeing a school bus driving in front of a porn shop window with lighted mannequins.

Somebody contacted the community center who sent two uniformed people there requesting to have them taken out of store window and in time they were.

Oregon has the most progressive Sex Mandate 2009 in the country that is attempting to be enacted to teach first graders about vaginal, oral and anal sex.

Oregon has more sex shops than any state in the country. and was the only with the vote of the people to shut down private schools in the 1920’s, but the Sisters went all the way to the Supreme Court and this shut down of private schools was over turned.

But Catholic school kids were allowed to take the public school buses they pay for…but with the Everson Court of 1941, Catholic parents and others in private schools are not allowed to have their children taken to school and back even though they must pay for them.

zzz.zzz.zz…zz…z.z.z the indifferent public.


Howdy Kathleen,

I’m just curious, do you happen to live in PDX? I used to, and you’re certainly right 'bout the strip clubs everywhere you look, including weird, out-of-place suburban neighborhoods, etc. I still love Oregon to death, but there’s plenty of anti-Christ kooks there, unfortunately. Not that my current abodes, Seattle, is any better in the least…

The Grotto in PDX is one of my favorite Catholic places anywhere on Earth… I just love that place.:slight_smile:



It may not be moral to wish that …

– the most quick-tempered judge in the world to preside in this case; :hey_bud:

– be offended that such a malodorous case is being profferred in his/her courtroom; :tsktsk:

– and cite the plaintiff (and attorneys for same) with the most severe “contempt of court” sentence ever levied in American judicial history :onpatrol:

… moments before dismissing the case with a warning so memorable as to be taught even unto grade school children as an object lesson against attempted legal totalitarianism. :bigyikes:

so I’ll just muse about it out loud here and seek the counsel of your comments fellow posters. :tiphat: :smiley:


Indeed, liberals are generally very intolerant of other opinions - even while preaching tolerance.

The public is kept occupied by the Kardashians and NFL football so that they don’t question anything that goes on.




:thumbsup: isn’t that the truth!


I’m curious, what do you think is necessary to bake a same sex wedding cake that isn’t required for a traditional wedding cake?

I’m completely lost on what the answer to this is. ’


When morality becomes to hard a subject to dwell on it is easier to fall asleep. God help us. Since the advent of Television, Playboy, and the if it feels good do it generation, my generation, we have been on a fast roll down hill.


Morally,to be on board with SS marriage.


Oregon Catholics have worked very hard and reasonably.

It is a culture of indifference and deaf ears.


The plaintiff, in this case, is the State of Oregon. They are being sued by the State to collect penalties/fines for having violated the law.


It is the female Attorney General.

A homosexual judge, baptized Catholic, took on another case to repeal the vote of the people not to allow same sex marriages in Oregon.

This is the state the recorded a priest hearing confession of an accused criminal.

Someone said…amidst the walnut and hazelnut groves, Oregon is 80% nutts and 20% fruit.


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