150 Iowa Clergy: We Support Same-Sex Marggiage

This is from “One Hour News” which gives a figure of 167 clergy. Here is the list of the clergy.


More than 150 clergy from across Iowa have signed a letter of support for equal marriage rights for same-sex couples.

The letter was announced by Interfaith Alliance of Iowa Action Fund, a statewide organization that frequently advocates for civil rights. The group delivered the letter today to lawmakers during a press conference at the Capitol.

“The Supreme Court of Iowa recognized that equity and fairness is the starting point in our state’s constitution,” said Rev. Matt Mardis-LeCroy, Board Chairperson of Interfaith Alliance of Iowa and minister at Plymouth Congregational Church in Des Moines. “We as clergy from different faith traditions adhere to this principle and stand firmly with gay and lesbian couples to underscore the importance of marriage equality. Our traditions and practices as religious entities should never be used to exclude equal protection from anyone.”

Our traditions and practices as religious entities should never be used to exclude equal protection from anyone.

Equal protection? Do the Iowa State Police not protect homosexuals unless they are married? I think these people are very confused, and its very sad. :frowning:

**The good news:
None of the supporters are listed as Catholic.

The bad news:

These followers of Christ support a concept not supported in Scripture.

And many of these faiths wonder why their followers leave for Catholicism.

Pray for these individuals that they see their significant error. I want those with homosexual tendencies to be as happy and filled with grace as myself or any other sinner. But sin is sin. There are plenty of laws on the books for powers of attorney and other legal remedies to give same-sex couples the needed protections of secular marriage contracts, and many insurance groups support the health needs for same.

But redefining marriage for same-sex marriage is merely calling an apple an orange. Renaming something doesn’t change the nature and truth of it.

:thumbsup: I mean, come on. I don’t know what faith these poeple are following but its not Christianity.

I was a member of the Episcopal Church for years. I finally left after years of trying to remain
within and hope for change. I finally realized that The Episcopal Church was not going to back away from their decision to ordain non-celibate gay clergy. I stayed even after they began to ordain women as priest as our diocesan bishop would not participate in that.

I finally realized that I was in complete agreement with the Catholic Catechism and had no good reason to stay as an Episcopalian. It was difficult to say goodbye to my old parish but soon decisions will be made, as they were with women priests, that will not allow people to follow their conscious. Bishops will all eventually be required to ordain homosexuals in that church.

The Presbyterian Church, USA will also be voting on the same issue this coming July and will probably decide to ordain homosexuals as well. The ELCA, UCC, are on-board with this as well. Sad

How about protecting marriage as the God who created everything defined it? Where is the list of pastors willing to defend that? How much credibility can be given to members of the Christian clergy who truly do not encourage the practice the entirety of that which they are charged to preach? I guess there is an upside. This should be a wakeup call to their congregations. This certainly helps identify ‘false prophets.’ Prophet(def) -" A person who speaks by divine inspiration or as the interpreter through whom the will of a god is expressed."

I agree that they seem confused.

You know, the only thing I was thinking when I read the headline was Lino Rulli from the Catholic Guy going “hopefully not Catholic”.

LOL! Such a great segment

Perhaps protection isn’t the right word. When civil unions become equivalent to marriage this becomes a non-issue factcheck.org/what_is_a_civil_union.html But, until the same rights are given to both groups there will be constant bickering.

Civil unions will never be completely equivalent to marriage, regardless of what governments may force people to tolerate in terms of rights. No amount of indoctrination, coersion, propaganda, misguided education or intimidation will ever turn what is falsehood into truth. It’s like abortion rights; any “law” protecting a woman’s right to kill her unborn child is not authentic law, it is the abomination of law. You may try to create “truths” to fit what you want, but they will not hold. Authentic truth, over the course of time, will win out.

I didn’t create this reality, it just exists over and above us all.

God bless, Tim

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