1570 Trident version of LOTH



I’m looking for any resources you all might know of regarding the Liturgy of the Hours as celebrated in the 1570 version. I would prefer to use printed materials. I appreciate your assistance.



The correct adjective in your question’s header should have been Tridentine. I had to laugh because Trident, which is what you wrote, is the name of our nuclear missiles here in the UK. I’m sure you’d prefer Tridentine to Trident!


It is also the name of a popular brand of gum sold in the United States.


Just to further clarify for you, “Tridentine” comes from “Tridentum”, the Latin name for the Italian city of Trento, which in English is sometimes called “Trent” (somewhat confusingly, as the Trent is also a river which historically had the distinction of marking the border between the north and the south of England).


Thank you all! I will have to blame that error on my autocorrect.

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