15th of August Miracles in Greece - Snakes Appear?





Has anybody ever heard of this phenomenon before? I hadn’t until today and I don’t really know what to think about it. I know it is possible that these articles may not be coming from a reliable source and that this is possibly a myth, but the last article says thousand of snakes with crosses on their heads appear (under the caption “Around the Island”) on August 15th. Hmm. Could this be true? Has anyone else heard of this before? I feel a little silly asking, but I am very curious too.:blush:

I also didn’t know where to put this thread, so I chose here and hope it is okay.


Didn’t read your links, don’t need to.

I’ve seen so much damage done by false miracles that I avoid them all: God gives me the only one I need or want during the Consecration.

I don’t mean to be harsh: I’m sure you are a fine person. But I’m very serious about the lives I’ve seen destroyed by the miracle of the week brigade.


Had a very quick look at the sites - none look to me like what could be termed as “reliable Catholic source”. I only accept as true those miracles that The Church affirms officially and take all else with a “pinch of salt”.
I must admit that what is revealed, affirmed and proclaimed by
The Church is sufficient for me.

God gives me the only one I need or want during the Consecration.

A miracle that surely puts all miracles into a very pale light indeed…and hopefully one never taken for granted.


Sam, Barbara, I don’t buy into miracles that easily and the miracles angle is not the one I am most interested in. My very first thought was that the locals release a bunch of snakes on August 14/15 to increase tourism and that there is nothing miraculous involved at all. I’m intrigued by the whole thing because I’d never heard of it before. Also, the snake thing is interesting too. Does a species of snake exist that has a cross on its head, somewhat like the brown recluse spider, which has a violin/fiddle marking on its back? Or, is this just a completely fabricated story right down to that detail? Is it possible, could it be true, that the locals catch and then release a bunch of snakes in the church most years? I would think that would make the news, snakes by the thousands loose in a church. So, is it a myth? Or is it true that it happens most years (not miraculously, just that a bunch of snakes are loose in a church) and I just managed not to hear about it all these years? The ick factor alone makes me fairly certain that had I heard of it, I would not have forgotten it. However, I’d never heard of it before, so I was just curious if others had.

And, for the record, I still feel a bit silly asking. I feel like I’ve stumbled across an article from the “National Enquirer” and am asking about it, even though I know that is certainly not a reliable source of anything.:blush: :shrug:


** I would think that would make the news, snakes by the thousands loose in a church.**

**Snakes in a Church? ARRRGGGHHH…

Hmmm… that give me the idea for a movie with Samuel Jackson.**


I thought about the “Snakes on a Plane” movie too as I was typing. :smiley:


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