$16.5 Billion from the Muslim pilgrims.

Saudi Arabia government received religious revenue of SR62 Billion (US$16.5 Billion) from 12 million Muslim pilgrims this year, that is excluding the revenue for the private sector (the religious travel agencies, hotels, etc).

So it’s a very good business line where a religion brings a country a steady income, so Islamic countries will fight hard against anyone who tries to convert Muslims which would cause that revenue to decline over time.


Saudi Arabia already floats on petro-dollars, and while 16.5 billion dollars might be big money in our eyes, it would be a drop in the bucket compareid to their oil based revenue.

Their oil revenue is alleged to exceed 1 trillion dollars this year - 62 times as much as they’ll make from the pilgrims.

I bet Italy makes quite a bit from Catholic tourists doing the rounds of the Vatican, and Israel wouldn’t do too badly from the religious tourists either.

The Moslems go to Mecca because they believe they have to - not because Saudi Arabia wants to make money.

This was one of the reasons Saddam Hussein had to be stopped when he invaded Kuwait. If the West had allowed him to invade and keep Kuwait, he’d have turned on Saudi Arabia next. He’d have had access to Saudi Arabia’s oil, but not only that, he’d have gotten control over Mecca. If Moslems want to get to heaven, they’re expected to make a pilgrimage to Mecca.

From that time, if you wanted to go to Mecca, and therefore heaven, and if Saddam Hussein thought he could use you, there’d have been a condition attached. “Right boy, you want to go to Mecca? Then you’ll do what I tell you.”

Pagans were pilgrimaging to Mecca prior to Islam, Muhammed liked the wealth and money that practice was bringing to Mecca (since they had no oil at that time), so he copied those practises and put them in the Islamic dogma, more on that in this thread.

Pagans were also pilgrimaging to Rome prior to Christianity. Pagan holy days and feasts were converted to Christian ones. Cathedrals were built on top of the foundations of pagan temples. Point?

That statement was linked to Muhammed liking the wealth & money business !!!, if you want to start a different subject please open it in the Non-Catholic Religions forum and I will post there.

In college, I had a good friend from Saudi Arabia and he gave me all of these post cards of KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). Mecca though really does stand out. It really is some site.

Wow. No wonder Saudi Arabia prohibits the practice of any other religion besides Islam. I am not going to condone their laws prohibiting the practice of any religion other than Islam though. In fact, I condemn those laws as unjust.

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