16 years and COUNTING - My Sober B-Day!


On 5-4-08 I celebrated 16 years sober! YIPPPPEEEEEE and thank you, Jesus!


woo hoo! Keep it up and congratulations LSK!


Praise God! :extrahappy: Venerable Matt Talbot, pray for us!


What a nice thing to hear. Thanks for sharing and keep up ths sobriety!


Good for you!! DH will celebrate 8 years this December. :thumbsup:


CONGRATULATIONS!! You should be proud of your accomplishment!!! Keep it up!!

Mom of 5


Congratulations Leslie! Good going.


Excellent. I don’t keep track of my “birthday.” I haven’t had a drink in about five years, though.


Congratulations indeed!

As a former homeless man who abused drugs and alcohol, I know how precious sobriety is. For me, it will be 17 years this July, completely drug free and only wine during Holy Communion or a seldom single serving of beer or wine with a meal (I am not an alcoholic by definition).

I am very, very proud of you, Leslie!


**Happy Sober-Birthday!!! Your post filled me with joy:yup:

It serves to remind me, and others too I’m sure, that with God all things are possible. You are an inspiration!!!**


Congratulations, Leslie, from another friend of Bill!


Happy belated sober-brithday, Leslie!! You give me hope for my daughter.



Congratulations to you for stepping aside and letting God work in your life. You were one the first people to respond positively to one of my posts here. When I was new around CAF I needed that. Thank You.

My fifteen years was on April 15th, which, given my tax status at the time, is proof that God has a sense of humor.

God bless you and may you have many more days, one day at a time.



Congratulations! Thanks be to God!






thank you, everyone…for your good wishes, your prayers and your encouragement…thank you,especially to my brothers and sisters in recovery, whether it be from alcoholism or drug addiction or whatever…thank you.

I do not get to participate on the boards as much as I would like due to my new job…but I would not have a job at all if I was not sober, and I certainly would not be working in (are you ready for this?)


(non-sworn, but still…talk about God having a sense of HUMOR).


That’s great, LSK! Congratulations on your anniversary and on your new job!

My DH will celebrate 20 years this month. He doesn’t keep track of it but I think I’m might get his card out and verify the date and make him a cake or something.


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