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Sorry if this post isn’t very articulate, I had a better post typed out and it turned out I wasn’t logged in causing me to lose the post. And sorry if this is the wrong forum or not how this is done. Anyway…

I guess I should start by giving some background about myself. My family members are fairly devout catholics. We go to high mass every Sunday, and I actually usually go without complaint. I’ve been through catholic schooling all my life. I went a parochial grade school, and I am now a junior at a Jesuit college prep school. I’m really not the stereotypical future priest kid. Like I said, I go to a college prep school and I’ve always really fit in more with the kinda bro hard-drinking weed-smoking future fraternity men scene, if you know what I mean. I actually am grounded right now because of drug use. I don’t mean that I hang out with bad people (I certainly don’t think so); we do all go to the most academically challenging school in the state ( we’re also a bit cocky :P). Though, they aren’t the type of guys that would ever really talk about spiritual life.

I get good grades and I’ve always wanted to be like my dad. Be successful and have wife with a large family. I’ve always considered myself catholic but its never really affected the way I live my life. A priest to me was a diocesan priest, and while I respect them, I knew I didn’t want to be one. This year I am taking a theology course, jesuit taught, about faith in reason. Well, its kinda an open ended class, but thats mainly what its about. It is easily the most “Jesuit-flavored” theology I’ve ever been exposed to in my life. This class have given my moments of clarity in my faith that I’ve never felt before. As of late, the idea of being a jesuit and taking vows has not seemed like the radical idea it had before. I really don’t know if I’m being called or not, but being a jesuit has a certain appeal to me that I’ve never felt before. I also don’t really know why I came here to leave this post. it does feel good to articulate my feelings at least partly on the matter. I know I’m supposed to pray… but does anyone have any other advice i guess?



Yes…stop with the drugs and alcohol. I know you think your head is clear, but it isn’t.

Clear your mind of the drugs and alcohol and then see how you feel.

You’ll know you are starting to head in the right direction when being catholic DOES start to affect how you live your life.

Good luck to you! Congratulations on getting good grades in a tough school. I can tell by your post that you don’t just sit around all day and text :thumbsup:


Pray for more of the Holy Spirit, to guide you and to direct you.
Educate yourself to what is Truth, and that calls for you to now come to rise up and to in essence, come to self educate yourself, for today their “lacks” real teachers to what is real knowledge and, wisdom.
and to that, you were not born with and to Wisdom,
of all pursuits, the pursuit of wisdom is the more perfect, the most sublime (up lifting emotion), the most useful, the most agreeable. remember, Humility teachs wisdom.

Go find, preferable an 50 or more year old book of Thomas of Kempis, and read it as a daily prayer book, Immitation of 'Chirst, or Following of Christ, with commentary or reflections with in, and some, Old , Catechisms of the Catholic faith in dif, forms.

Peace with you, follow your heart, Your on the right path, with the exception of your lack of discipline to recognize, Your body is a temple of God, Never, ever, put anything bad in it, shame on you. Is ok to make mistakes, but its a sin, to make a habit out of it.

Oh yea, throw away or rid youself , if it exists, the texting addiction, before it comes to, Kill you, or somebody else.

We really dont have any advice, just, do it proposals.


Talk to a vocations director. They’ll help you discern your vocation. Maybe you are a meant to be a Priest? Maybe you are meant to be married and have a family? Maybe you are meant to be single? A vocations director will help you discern what it is Christ is calling you to do. That would be my advice (that and stay off the drugs and alcohol)


After reading your post, I went to a different post that is titled, “What a saint said to his own soul” and there was this link that may offer you some help:


Your soul cannot discern properly if it is clouded over by drugs and alcohol as it does not allow you to become the person God created you to be.

Pray before Jesus in Adoration and may your heart be pierced by the precious blood of Jesus.



Yeah, get some new friends. :smiley: Your dad didn’t get successful by doing drugs or drinking. Smoking weed doesn’t “ground” you. It’s just stupid, and you’re obviously not stupid if you’re getting good grades at that challenging Jesuit prep school. People who smoke weed don’t get anywhere in life (and don’t point to Willie Nelson please! If that’s the best you can offer…:rolleyes:).

As for your possible calling … Go and see your retreat director. Do Kairos. You will hear about other young men’s spiritual lives there. And talk to the Brothers about it. Especially the younger Brothers. If you get some different friends, you might hear more about their spiritual lives. Not from the hard-drinking weed-smokers.


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