17-Year Old Boy To Become Priest!

Title says it all.


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From the title, I thought some kid had advanced through the seminary and was going to be ordained at age 17! Discerning a vocation at that age was not unusual in the past.

Agreed, the thread title left me suspicious (but obviously curious enough to investigate.)

Still, it is refreshing to see some young people who feel called and are interested in pursuing such in a dedicated manner. Yes, it used to be the norm. Unfortunately, such is no longer fostered to the extent it once was. But there remain those who sense and wish to respond to this call from an early age. As, I imagine, there always will be. Everything practically possible should be done to support and encourage them towards a deepening and response to the life which the Lord is drawing them towards.

Of course, it is notable that in Chicago, the Archdiocese still maintains a small system of support for fostering priestly vocations among high school boys. Up until two years ago, they also had one of the last high school seminaries in the United States. There are some several students from that school in both the program which was instituted to replace it as well as those who have advance to the higher levels of seminary after coming through it.

You reminded me that many people knew what they were going to do when they were 17. If you look at back issues of the magazine “Seventeen”, you’ll see that back in the 50’s and early 60’s, not only were there the usual ads for cosmetics and clothes, but ads for household appliances. It was not unusual for 17-year-old (and sometimes 16-year-old) girls to get married and set up households. For better or worse, we’ve stretched out adolescence, sometimes to the age of 25, so that ***anyone ***who has an idea of what they want to do by the time they are 17 is viewed as unusual.

How is that unusual? I’m 17 and we’re deciding what we want to do with our lives, when it comes to jobs and education especially. How come a guy can decide he wants to be an engineer and can’t decide he wants to be a priest? Especially so he doesn’t have to waste time gathering debt at college, and going to frat parties, etc. It’s better this way :slight_smile:

I’m really proud of him!! It is hard to make such a decision:D:D

Unless Youtube changed the title, this thread title is incorrect. Furthermore, while I know its CAF policy that you use the title of the media source, Youtube isn’t a news source per se, and even if it is, a change should be considered in this policy if the headline is incorrect.

This 17 year old boy isn’t going to be a Priest at 17 now is he. Henceforth, the title is incorrect.

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