17 Year Old Christian Convert flees Muslim parents in fear of Honor Killing


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I think this story is really going to heat the flames up, especially in relation to Relationships between Islam and Christianity/Catholicism.

I have witnessed this exact thing in Egypt. But it was the ooposite to this story, two girls who had become Muslim from Christian families. And the threats were not any different. It really does put, freedom of religion, in perspective.

What this girl is saying is indeed true. Her blood is halal (and a very small stone throw away from being demanded) and her parents will be looked upon as having done the proper thing in the situation. The price for leaving Islam (after once being a Muslim) is death, beheading. And not only did she leave Islam, but converted to Christianity. Double no!

I think what is missing here is that these parents have to remember, their children are facing many elements that they most likely didn’t face in their home country. These elements should be acknowledge and discussed. One can not live in this country and forgo the encounter with Christianity. It is just not going to happen, it is a reality that must be faced and expressed with intelligence. The home is the first school a child engages, and it is the parents’ obligation and God given responsibility to educate that child. And that might just mean educating oneself about other religions, I am not saying you have to know every detail about another religion. And I know it gets a little complicated with the Islamic faith, in regards to its followers seeking such knowledge outside of Islam. But a general overview of another religion would suffice. And if one sees that their child is interested in more, perhaps a member of the religious order (priest, shaikh, rabbi, pastor, etc.) could be of help at this point. Perhaps, I am just talking out the side of my neck?! But I do feel that that there is a better way of handling such situations.

I will praying for all the children (and adults, um yes I know women who are in the same situation but it is their husband that is making the threats) who find themselves in such situation. May our Blessed Mother-Tabernacle of the Fruit of Life wrap her heavenly arms around them and comfort them. May she interceed for their deliverance into situations that will bring them unending faith, love, and hope. In Christ’s Name, we pray! :gopray: :signofcross:

These facts alone are enough for us to be justified in eliminating Islam.

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