17-Year-Old High School Student Wins W.Va. GOP Primary On Pro-Life, Pro-Gun Rights Campaign


CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — A week before her high school graduation, Saira Blair was barely old enough to vote when she unseated a West Virginia lawmaker almost four times her age.

After Tuesday’s GOP primary, the 17-year-old is one election away from becoming the youngest state lawmaker in West Virginia history. Larry Swan, sworn in as a 20-year-old delegate in 1972, set the current record.

Blair’s birthday is in July, so she would just meet the 18-year-old minimum age for West Virginia House of Delegates members. Seventeen-year-olds who will turn 18 by the November election can vote in West Virginia’s primary.



How interesting. :slight_smile:


That’s pretty impressive!


I did not know that happened.


Good thing she isn’t campaigning in the UK, the name “Blair” will forever be tarnished by senseless wars and a massive budget deficit…


The times; they are a changing. Let’s pray they stay true to their beliefs.


So Blair won? How about that, I happened to see an advertisement for her campaign at one website, it was… . oh, nevermind!

But on the ad, it was there, she is pro-life, etc.

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