1700 Years Summary: Reject Message because of Messengers


Lloyd Bridges: I wanna know everything that has happened until now.

Funny guy:

Stage I: messengers confound issue of Trinity and Incaration, therefore, we don’t need Trinity and Incarnation (Islam)

Stage II: Peter and his children are sinners and hypocrites, therefore we don’t need Peter (Schism)

Stage III: Bishops are fat, lazy hypocrites, therefore we don’t need them or their so-called “Oral Tradition” (Heresy)

Stage IV: Christians kill and divide amongst one another over what Scripture and Divine Revelation is supposed to be, therefore, there is no Scripture or Divine Revelation or Assitance (the supernatural death of the Enlightenment)

Stage V: Deists and Rationalists confound religion using only reason just as much as Protestants, therefore we don’t need religion (and therefore we don’t need reason with regards to morals and faith) (the modern secular apostasy).


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