18 Hours a WVA Women comes back to life?

I don’t have a direct link but if you go to yahoo.com right now they have a video of a West Virginia women which was dead for 18 hours and came back to life! So far no near death experience which I would really like to hear from the poor woman. Another miracle!:slight_smile:

Here’s the link:


How could that happen?

She was placed on a ventilator and her body was cooled with a hypothermia machine, but her recovery seems to be unexplainable (although she is now being evaluated at the Cleveland Clinic.)

Here are an article, in case someone (like me) doesn’t like watching video news:

Pretty amazing story. You notice she thanked God. I would love to hear her story. :gopray:

God never ceases to amaze! What’s more amazing, we continue to be amazed…Roanoker

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