18th Sober birthday!

I made it!

today is my 18th sober ‘birthday’ - 18 yrs of continuous sobriety.

God is GREAT!:smiley:

**Congratulations! **Praise God for His great mercy.

That rocks! Congratulations.

Miracles happen!

How’d you do it???

He is indeed! Congratulations! May God continue to bless you and guide you!


God bless you!!!

You’re awesome!!!:slight_smile:

How fabulous for you. Congratulations on all of your hard work!!!



How did I do it?

I have been a sober and active member of a 12 step group devoted to people like me - alcoholics.

For the past 10 years I have been as faithful a Catholic as I can be - thank GOD for the Sacrament of Reconilliation and for the Eucharist.

Most importantly, I have not had a drink of alcohol or an illegal drug or used a LEGAL drug in a way that would allow me to take a trip without leaving my chair, one day at a time for 18 years.

I believe no human power relieved my alcoholism…I think God keeps me sober.:thumbsup:

Congratulations! God is great!!!

Congratulations and thanks be to God!


Nicely done!

Way to go!!! That’s awesome!! :clapping:

Good for you!!

My DH will celebrate 10 years this December. :slight_smile:

Now your sobriety can vote! :smiley:

Seriously, though, awesome to hear that! Congrats!

Dude! That was really funny.


its been nearly 18 years since i started masturbating violently everyday in the basement of my church :slight_smile: all the priests do it with me, sometimes they even bring their little helpers!

Oh, you’re the one who always brings the 6 year olds! Im Pattinson, you know? Those two naughty 7 year old boys just couldn’t get enough of us all!

Christianity is awesome! My little sex slave is quite the monster!

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