19 dead, 20 injured in stabbing attack at Japanese facility for handicapped people


TOKYO, Japan (WCMH) — At least 19 people are dead and 20 others injured following a stabbing rampage at a facility for handicapped people outside of Tokyo, Japan.

Japanese media NHK reports the attack happened in the city of Sagamihara which is west of Tokyo.nbc4i.com/2016/07/25/19-dead-20-injured-in-stabbing-attack-at-japanese-facility-for-handicapped-people/


This is so unfortunate, and it’s common. However, I’m shocked that it happened in Japan rather than Germany, France, or the United States.


It’s like the world is going mad.


Unbelievable! Evil spirits must be roaming the earth, in great numbers, at the moment.

May they all RIP.


If this is true, then St. Michael the Archangel is needed. May he pray for us abundantly and protect us…


It’s awful what has been happening of late all over the world, people just going mad, killing others. Yes, surprising it happened in Japan.

Praying for the dead, injured and their families.


Praying for the deceased & injured & their families.


It is disturbing the sheer number of attacks lately. I know there’s always been violence in the world, but this is getting insane.

And they’re all happening during the Year of Mercy. We sure need that right about now.


Don’t know how true this is, but I’ve been told there’s a growing wave of dissatisfaction and deep frustration in many of the younger Japanese population, whose jobs are poor, wages low and opportunities to do things like rent a flat or get married are slowly becoming distant dreams for many rather than a reality. Many younger people, and especially men, find themselves retreating from society all together, whilst others may choose to lash out. I don’t know if this was a factor here but it wouldn’t surprise me.


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