19 Yazidi girls burned alive for refusing to have sex with their ISIS captors


Terrorism in Formerly U.S. held Mosul

19 Yazidi girls burned alive for refusing
to have sex with their ISIS captors

Yazidis – Religious and ethnic minority group of Kurds.
Also called Yazidism.

Published June 06, 2016 FoxNews.com

Nineteen Iraqi Yazidi girls who refused to have sex with their Islamic State captors were placed in iron cages and burned alive in front of a crowd of hundreds in Mosul on Thursday, activists and witnesses say.

“The 19 girls were burned to death, while hundreds of people were watching,” a witness told ARA News. “Nobody could do anything to save them from the brutal punishment.”

ISIS took the girls – and thousands of others – as sex slaves after overtaking a northern Iraqi region they called home in August 2014.

“They were punished for refusing to have sex with ISIS militants,” local activist Abdullah al-Malla told ARA News.

THIS “War on Women” seems quite a bit more severe than … ***the other ***one.

Help is still “on the way” for Mosul … led by a “U.S. led coalition”. On the way since March … and “long awaited” before then.

America pulled its troops out of Iraq in December of 2011. * The Secretary of State at the time was Hillary Clinton … who later resigned.

President Obama said the U.S. was leaving behind a “sovereign, safe and self-reliant Iraq”


The U.S. is “back” with troops. Too late for these girls, and some beheading victims, and those Christians whose Churches were burned and homes taken over.

Reports: Iraq moves to retake Mosul from ISIS : Related Articles | OOYUZ


Thu Mar 24 05:01:20 EDT 2016 | The Hill

Backed by the U.S.-led coalition, the Iraqi military says it has at last launched an offensive to recapture the key city of Mosul from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, according to reports, while Syria is simultaneously moving to retake Palmyra. The long-awaited Mosul offensive began Thursday, Brig. Gen. Yahya Rassool told the Associated Press, and involved retaking several villages on the outskirts of town and raising the Iraqi flag there.

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These people need to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.


Such heinous crimes require the death penalty, in my view.


The USCCB should be sending their “SAY NO TO TORTURE” message to ISSIS!


And maybe further clarify their position(s) on “immigration,” or “illegal immigration” and if and when a nation has a right or responsibility to HAVE borders, gates, walls, locks, security measures and enforcement of same.

ISIS in Iraq is made up of MANY members who entered the country with motives other than just having the chance to be good citizens there.


Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, widely considered to have more authority than any of Iraq’s leading politicians, also wants neighbouring countries to close their borders so that* foreign volunteers can no longer enter* Iraq and Syria to join the terrorist group.


will there be some kind of war crimes tribunal after this is all over? like the Nuremburg trials after WWI? I am sick of reading about the latest atrocities of ISSIS.


My country should have helped the Yazidis or just tried to help them.



The trouble is enforcing it while ensuring girls like these have the chance to escape the region.


Praying for the repose of their souls & for their families.



Too bad the U.S. troops didn’t stay and PREVENT this.

In an effort to show how good the U.S. is (present administration’s version), the peacekeepers were withdrawn in 2011.

“We” still have some in Germany and Japan (and have since World War II). Nothing like this has happened in either of those places.

“We” also showed how good we were in not taking “their oil” even for a just repayment. Now the oil is ISIS’s.

And the U.S. led coalition has to go back. Latest report on their progress I can find on the internet is dated May 30. The girls were executed on 6/6. Where is the coalition now? :shrug:

“I don’t pay for the same ground twice”

“A piece of spaghetti and an army can only be led from the front end.”

Gen.George Patton quotes which may be applicable IMO


Oh, Im sure there will be, they will try all the top leaders at least. better get the hanging docks at the Hague primed and ready to go.


The world is much different than the post-WWII era. I will believe it when I see it, although at present that such a trial would be better than 50/50 of taking place.


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