19 year old son and i went to see the police

and elvis costello on saturday night.

i’d already seen the police twice-- late 79s and was blown away, 83 and was disappointed they’d gotten so commercial.

saturday, i wanted to see elvis costello because he’s always been one of my favorites.

i was disappointed. Costello’s music was technically fine. and the guy can still sing. but there was no energy. no connection with audience, he might as well have been playing in his garage.

then the police. my kid was thrilled because, as a drummer, stewart copeland is his hero. i wasn’t too terribly interested.

till they played.

they were excellent. absolutely excellent. super high energy, tight connnection with the audience, just wow.

i think they played too many radio hits and not enough album favorites, nevertheless, they were great.

the weirdest thing, though, was the crowd. the place was packed and easilly 2/3 of the place were people older than me! (i’m 45.) guys in golf shorts and docksider shoes-- guys dressed like my father in law!!! grey-haried women. the parking lot was car to car lincolns, BMWs, high dollar SUV’s etc. i couldn’t believe it.

we’ve come a long way, baby.

my kid looked around at all the dancing old folks and said to me, “this explains a lot about you.”

if anyone has a chance to see their final show (as in forever) on August 8 (?) at madison square garden, get there.

All I can say is I’m jealous. I would LOVE to have seen the Police, either back then or now. I was too young then and just don’t have the resources now.

resources, yes. we bought the cheapest general admission lawn seats. still, i spent a week’s grocery money.

“enjoy your oatmeal, kids, as much as mommy enjoyed seeing the police!”

I just saw them too! I was never a big fan of the Police, until the concert! I thought they were excellent!

We had the same crowd that you are describing, and I was also on the lawn except my tickets were free from a radio contest.

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