19 yr old daughter "I'm glad I didn't grow up with all this technology!"

My Dad was an Episcopal Priest. I was not even allowed to go on a date till I was in the 11th grade. I was never allowed to go on anything out of town but church retreats. [He appointed the youth directors]

It was really a simple time. I liked to read, to play outdoors, to play games indoors, go swimming. Simple pleasures. Vacations at the beach. The occasional fight at school. No real bullying to speak of. The only world problem was the Russians, that was as distant as Mordor. Inflation was terrible, but that finally went away.

All this stuff that is going on now… it is just too hard to believe when you contrast it with the world I grew up in. What happened? Was it technology? The sexual revolution? TV and game violence? I think my generation was the last generation that really let kids be kids. It is all still very surreal. 911. Columbine. Somewhere, somehow we crossed a threshold. Reminds me of my favorite quote:

“There must have been a moment at the beginning, where we could have said no. Somehow we missed it.” -Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

PS: We did have our monsters though, even back then. They have always been there I guess. We were warned about those, but really that was all we had to watch for at the time.

It just really cracks me up that she thinks she grew up without technology.

She had a cellphone from about the age of 10! :rolleyes:

I grew up with electric turn signals on cars, polio shots, atomic bombs, black & white TV sets, IBM Selectric typewriters, dial telephones, all that technology:D

Dot matrix printers!!

Eeeeee-ch! Eeeeeee-ch!

Printing high school assignments at 2am on those were fun… :rolleyes: :smiley:

But on the bright side you could make those really cool springy things by tearing off those edges of paper and then “plaiting” them together :smiley:

Anyone remember the smell of the school bulletin being printed on the mimeograph printer? It was blue ink, I’ll never forget that smell?

That stuff could take you on a trip without you leaving the farm!:eek:

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