1901-2001 the New America ; Saint or Sinner


From 1901 to 2001 the US credo changed from:

“hard work & honesty will bring life’s rewards"
"Profits above all else”.

The United States has changed a lot since WW-i & WW-ii ; the rat-race is the holy crusade that everyone on the planet must join. At whose cost ?

Is your quality of life better ? Will your children live in a world that still hates the US ? And who started this hated of the US ?

All in the name of progress; or was it a spreading evil that used “progress” to hide itself ? Technology & business are all fine & wonderful things, but it’s the evil schemes that hid from the US public that have created so much woe.

From Vietnam to 9/11; both events & much worse created by the same force; by a handfull of corrupt Americans who do not care who had to pay for their profits.

And still Americans can not see what is being done in their names;
because the same corrupt people who profit from evil are the same ones able to filter the world news that gets back to the US. Americans are killed, and you never hear of that; tens of thousands are killed by a US firm and again you never hear of it because it would affect their profits.

The American who did more than any other to create the Nazi holocaust ; was the same man who invested billions to change American society towards his ideal.
Another idiot wanted such profits, result, Vietnam war.
The Pro-Nazi group profits, result, an Axis power anti-US propaganda campaign went unchecked for 50 years – result individuals world-wide believing a anti-US Jihad is their duty – result 9/11.


The two questions are:

  1. are Americans aware of the US companies with vast involvements in mass murders and human rights abuses ?

  2. do Americans still believe in the concepts and morals of their founding fathers ?

From 1901 a sick person was gaining wealth & power, and he believed he was helping America achieve profits. But he was ill and had little concern about how profits were made. He would treat Americans like machines, and saw nothing wrong with taking the lives and wealth of others.

Today most Americans do not know that they are profiting from a mass genocide among many other abuses in other countries.
And 9/11 was the side affect of the 1949 deal that enables the above genocide today; kept out of US media and texts. Will the U.S. Christian community speak against such evils ?


Short version:

Henry Ford who published the anti-semitic works which the Nazi Party later used, suspected by Congress of funding the Nazi Party, and awarded by them in 1938. Had in 1936 created the Ford Foundation to change US society to the ‘better’.

So what ? Unknown to the US public the small island of Java has been controlling your destinies and lifestyles since 1949.

By 1949 the Foundation was able to recruit the most corrupt US firms when their Javanese princes offered “the wealth of Asia” if they supported Sukarno/Hatta. Sukarno was the Javanese who had been publishing his call for Japan to declare war upon the United States and the “other western Imperial powers” of the Pacific.

By mid 1945 Sukarno had 2million volunteer militia ready to kill any of the half million US troops who had been expected. (By luck, the A-bomb meant MacArthur plans for invading Java were cancelled and so those troops were saved from a horrid surprise) Neither the US or any Ally had any warning that Java had turned against the West.

While Japan & Sukarno ruled Java they had crushed the uncooperative Islamic movements and given powers to the ultra right wing Islamic clerics who approved of the war against the US and non-Asians, and look down upon non-Muslim.

The truth is that the anti-US Jihad taught since 1942 has never been stopped because it did not hurt the business interests of the Foundation and its allys. Today US firms like Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. still pay $5.6m/yr to the Islamic military to slaughter the Christian community who’s mountain they have been mining. The list goes on & on.

The US firms that had morals could not compete against the instant profits of murder & overseas sweatshops working 18 hr days. Since 1970 those honest companies became absorbed by the amoral corporations. Henry’s conversion of the US credo was becoming complete.

The copper in your telephone network & the gold in your bank vaults; is mostly Papuan gold & copper; 40 years of genocide still happening as you read this. Isolated from the media and your TV reporters. Indonesia is a Soviet Union style military regime but more cruel and evil, also still shooting the people of Aceh during the ‘cease fire’ since the tsunami.


Will You help the US recover from it’s cancer ?

Either stop those US firms that are committing massive human rights abuses


support GW Bush’s fight for Freedom

Demand the United Nations conduct the “Act of Free Choice” that Indonesia agreed to in writing in the 1962 New York Agreement.

Allow the public of West Papua to vote !
And the Indonesian leech sucking the money & moral from the US will soon be broken into 4 or mor independence democracies, and the anti-US Islamic Jihad will loose its center.

Comments ?


Oh Gee Whiz, its so wonderful to for someone
as completely unbiased as yourself to post to
the forums. And with all the answers to our
problems. Please save us from ourselves.


[quote=tom.wineman]Oh Gee Whiz, its so wonderful to for someone
as completely unbiased as yourself to post to
the forums. And with all the answers to our
problems. Please save us from ourselves.

Tom it’s an invasion. We have several anti-American posters who have popped up or returned from a leave.

Lisa N


[quote=Lisa N]leave.

From your post to God’s ear. :slight_smile:


[quote=Daeron]support GW Bush’s fight for Freedom

[quote=Lisa N]We have several anti-American posters who have popped up or returned from a leave.
Lisa N

So you are one of the people who believes George Bush is an Anti-American ? - Well, that’s your view.

Meanwhile on this planet I merely said that the small number of companies that are **paying an Islamic military and terrorist militia including Al Qaeda operatives and trained terrorist,

should STOP paying for the slaughter of Christians in West Papua and elsewhere.** Why is it ? that you support a nation that hates Americans and for fifty years has been teaching the rest of the ISlamic world to believe in their military Jihad against the US and “other Imperial Western Powers” to put it in their/your words.

If you are so supportive of Al Qaeda and its allys, why have you been posting in the Catholic forums ? Wanting to slowly convert people to your hateful views ? Meanwhile Christians are opposed to genocide and the hate of your Indonesian Jihad schools.

Despite what you want.
George Bush is right that non-military support of Freedom,
such as getting the public vote which the UN & Indonesia promised in 1962, to at last be conducted is in Freedoms & Christian interests.


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