1914 vs 1899 Douay Rheims Bible


Hello All,

I know that you guys probably get more then enough postings about the Douay Rheims translation of the bible. But I had a quick question. Do any of you know if there is a significant difference between the 1899 version of the douay rheims bible (ie: baroniuspress.com/book.php?wid=56&bid=1#tab=tab-1) or what I see on the internet as sometimes stated as a 1914 version of the Douay Rheims (ie: angeluspress.org/The-Holy-Bible-Douay-Rheims#!prettyPhoto)??)

The reason I ask is because I’m thinking of picking up another edition of the Douay Rheims. I already have the 1899 baronius press one linked above. It’s a beautiful volume, almost too beautiful it turns out, as my wife prefers to leave it out on our coffee table as something of a display piece. I’d like another to tot along with me to work or maybe bible study - probably not being super gentle with it as a rule. So, in order to preserve domestic harmony I’ve decided to pick up a second.

But I’d like to avoid being redundant as much as possible, so I’m trying to seek out other editions of the Douay. I’d actually prefer something as close as modern as possible so, if anyone knows of anything published later then 1914 I’d be all ears!



You could look into the 1950 D/R Bible. It has the Douay OT and the Confraternity NT. It is a lovely translation. It continued until 1960 (I think.) They are not too hard to find either. Although finding a sturdy one that can handle some abuse may be a little tougher to find. :wink:


I found a 1950 Douay/Confraternity bible on Ebay recently for $20, free shipping. Literally mint condition. It was still in the original box, !!!] and I am pretty sure I’m the first person to read it. Seriously, it looks like it just came from the printer.

I also have a mint condition 1914 D-R which I think I paid about $10 for. Sometimes the fact that few Catholics are heavy Bible readers has its benefits! You can score some great finds online or at used bookstores.

I’m not aware of what, if any changes there would be between an 1899 and 1914 edition though. The 1941 Confraternity NT is an excellent revision of the D-R, especially when you get into the Epistles of St. Paul, which are hard enough to follow even in a modern translation. I think the Confraternity reads a lot more smoothly.


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