1935 Daily Missal


I attend an indult Latin Mass and have been given a daily 1935 Roman Missal by one of the parishoners.

Is this Missal too old to be used or will it be fine? I ask because I know that revisions of the Tridentine Mass were made after 1935. It also has holy days of obligation, were these changed after Vatican II?

Lastly, can someone please clarify what a daily missal is and what it is used for. I ask because I am new to the Tridentine Mass and I am still learning about it.


Missals tend to be printed on high quality paper that is intended to last. I see no reason why after less than 75 years you can’t get a lot of use out of it.

A hand missal is used by some Catholics to follow the mass. A daily missal includes the propers for all of the days of the year, not just Sunday.

As far as a 1935 missal’s content, it certainly would provide enough info for the faithful to follow along. Now if you were a priest, it would be a different story, an up to date missal would be needed as some of the words/gestures, etc., had changed since that date. But for the faithful, I’m sure that a 1935 would be more than sufficient for your purposes.

I use Missals and prayer books from the 20s - 50s and there really is no major difference. The only differences I can think of are the absence of St. Joseph in the Canon and the presence of the third Confiteor.

As Kielbasi said - a weekly missal just includes the propers for Sundays and Holy Days, while a daily missal contains the propers for every day.

The feasts after 1935 will be missing. You will also be missing one Common for the feasts of Popes introduced in 1952- Si Diligus Me

Some feasts and octaves and vigils found in your missal will be not be in the 1961 Calendar. A lot of the directions for second and third collect (unless it is of another saint on the same day, and maybe even then) will not be followed. No St. Joseph in the Canon and possibly depending where you go, no Confiteor before Communion. The priest will end almost all Masses with “Ite Missa Est” instead of “Benedicamus Domino”.

There are no Proper Last Gospel’s any more. (For an example of what I’m talking about look at the end of the Mass of Trinity Sunday). The Last Gospel is always St. John “In principio erat Verbum” as given in the Ordinary, or there is no Last Gospel (e.g. Third Mass of Christmas).

I have a Fr. Lasance Missal from the 1930’s and it’s my favorite one. For the Ordinary of the mass, it’s fine. For the Propers, you can always try mysite.verizon.net/missale/ and print out the readings if they are different.

Don’t know how I forgot but you will also not be able to use it during the principal liturgies of Holy Week.

Fr. Lasance is my favorite too–I just recently got a new copy of My Prayer Book: Happiness in Goodness because the copy I had from the 1940s finally wore out! :smiley:

The original copyright on this prayerbook is 1908, with reprint dates in the 1930s and 40s. As far as I can tell this is an exact copy of the 1940s book, with no updating.

It is so much more than “just” a Sunday Missal–there are prayers, litanies, reflections, enough stuff for years and years of meditations…:thumbsup:

Could you tell me when St. Joseph was added to the Canon?

Like in what year a new printed missal would have him in there. I understand some new missals do and some do not. How would you know if you are ordering online?

Thank you in advance.

Someone else will have to answer that. For some reason, I’m thinking he was added in 1955. I could be wrong, though.

OK I just did a Google search. He was added in 1962.

BTW - it is not difficult to find a 1962 missal nowadays. (Again, I recommend the version from Angelus Press.) They will be labeled as such (1962) in the product description. If you buy an older missal off ebay, the sellers will also usually list the year of publication.

Thank you for doing the google search – I wasn’t sure what to put in the box.

By any chance do you have the daily Missal from Angelus Press? Is St Joseph in it?

The Missal I use right now is:
The New Roman Missal by Father Lasance (1945)

Thank you for your help.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll use this Missal until I can get a newer 1962 version.

Regarding the Angelus Press edition, I’ve read that it is published by a printer associated with the SSPX and that it does not have an Imprimatur which guarantees that it’s free of error or heresy.

I think I’m going to get the Baronius Press 1962 Missal that is due out in October. Does anyone already own a Baronius Press Missal? What are they like? And has anyone ordered from Baronius Press? I ask this because I am a bit dubious about buying from this store because I have never used them before.

Yes I do, and yes he is (as it’s a reprint of the 1962 missal). As I mentioned in another thread, this missal is much more than a missal. It’s a guidebook to traditional Catholic living. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Yes, Angelus Press is (I believe) the publishing entity of the SSPX. There is however, an Imprimatur – it is the original Imprimatur that was assigned to the missal in 1962. Remember, this is just a faithful reprint of that missal. I would not let any dislike for the SSPX keep you from acquiring this incredible missal. I had the same reaction when I received mine (it was a gift from a friend who was none the wiser), but I’ve come to treasure it. The Baronius Press missal is very nice as well, but this one is a notch above.

Thank your for your help.

Speaking of old missals, this is currently being sold on ebay:

How cool is that?

You know what’s really cool about this missal? It’s pretty much the same missal as those we’ve been discussing in this thread.

I have the Angelus Press Missal in addition to my Lasance Missal. I prefer the Lasance missal by a little, but the Angelus is excellent. It was the 1st one I bought when I started going to the TLM.

The Lasance is better if you’re learning the Mass, but I prefer the way the Angelus is laid out, and it has Vespers and Compline for Sundays, and so on.

I, too, was concerned about the SSPX and inherited imprimatur when I ordered the Angelus Missal, but when I was in the market to buy the Baronius Press was still several months away. I’ve read nothing in the Angelus that wasn’t also in the Lasance or St. Andrews in some form or another, so I trust that it’s legit.

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