1952 Movie "Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima"

Has anyone seen this film?
I just came across this clip:

I now wish I could see the whole movie.


I have it in my video tape collection. It is very good and worth watching if you get the chance. :popcorn:

I saw this quite a few years back one afternoon on EWTN. I'd never heard the story before and true or not, I was captivated. I feel as though they used to air it all the time but in recent years not so much.

Anyways the whole movie is here on Youtube, I'd like to watch it but I need to study for Midterms... :o


As a side note I recognized the little boy who plays Francisco from an episode of I Love Lucy where he played one half of two awful twins Lucy had to babysit.

the movie is awesome and so are the acting performances. I loved every minute of it.:thumbsup:

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