1962 breviary 3rd class feasts during advent


This is going to be my first time praying the divine office (the 1962 verison) during advents and i had a question about 3rd class feasts. During the little hours of prime terce sext and none which antiphon is used? The one for that weekday or the one from the ordinary of Advent



If you have a 3rd class feast during Advent, you would use the festal antiphon for the weekday, not the Advent one.

So, for example, on December 3, you have the 3rd Class feast of S. Francis Xavier (Confessor). At Terce, you would use the festal antiphon for the weekday:

Illuminatio mea, et salus mea Dominus.

You can use the site www.divinumofficium.com to double check yourself before starting an office of the day.


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