(1962) Missal any use to a layperson?

Many websites, I find, are selling the 1962 Roman Missal or the St. Joseph’s Missal. As a layperson, are either of these worth owning? What for?

They are used for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, the form of the Mass before the Vatican II Council. 1962 was the last year a missal was published before the Mass was changed to the Ordinary Form, the one we use today. The pope has recently freed up the Extraordinary Form of the Mass so that it can be said anywhere again, and so the 1962 Missal remains in print. It’s necessary since the Mass is entirely in Latin (the translation and the ability to follow along is very useful).

Depending on which St. Joseph’s Missal it is, it could be either the old or new form of the Mass, but the 1962 Roman Missal will be for the old form.

I see. Is the Missal of any use, other than following along at Mass?

It doubles as a paperweight and a doorstop (given its weight and size), but I’m sure that’s not what you mean.

The Missal’s purpose is for the Mass. The Missalettes at parishes that use the Ordinary Form are for the Mass.

There’s nothing stopping you from reading them more on your own, though.

it is the last prayerbook you will ever need, every parochial school student carried one when I was a kid, which is why we were so well instructed in the Mass. yes well worth it, you will be all ready when TLM comes to a parish near you.

The one I have has a wonderful Treasury of Prayers, beautiful art, an explanation of all the vestments and vessels, and a lot of information about the liturgical year. It, of course has all the readings (I have the Daily Missal) so if you can’t get to Mass on a given day, you can read them yourself.

Most missals will contain an excellent collection of prayers and resources for understanding the Mass. Some will also contain reflections and explanatory essays on the readings for the day. It’s a great reference.

Have you ever been to a Mass in the Extraordinary Form before? You almost have to have a missal or you’ll get lost.

I have the St. Joseph’s version of the Missal of Paul VI. I use it when I go to the Benedictine Monastery for Mass, because they say the Mass in Latin and English. This Missal has the Mass in both.

At my parish, I just use the missalette that is available in the pew.


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