1962 Missal

Hello everyone

I have a very quick question (hopefully).

Where, in the UK preferrably, can one buy a 1962 Sunday Missal? Are they easy to come buy.

I tried Baronius Press but can only see a daily missal.

Any ideas?



The Baronius Missal and Angelus Missals–indeed, most 1962 missals–cover Sundays and weekdays. It was only after Vatican II, when the options become extensive and the number of readings increased that the separate Sunday and weekday missals become much more common.

why do you only want a Sunday Missal? The Baronius Press daily Missal has the propers for all the Sundays of the year along with the daily propers. Angelus Press also has a very good daily missal. It even includes prayers to be used in the United Kingdom.

Amazon.com has both missals and I think you could find some on ebay.com

Ah I was just thinking of today’s daily missal and how huge it is. I tend to use that at home before I go to Mass.

Thanks for the posts - the Baronius one certainly seems very popular.

Here’s the link to the one Baronius Press has. (click on the missal)


They are reprinting the 1962 Missal to include the text of the Motu Proprio *Summorum Pontificum *that was issued by Pope Benedict.

It has lots of features. You can preorder it now. I can’t wait to get mine!!!

Thanks kindly.

I have an old Sunday missal from the 1930s which belonged to my grandmother. It’s in a mess and is also out of date but I keep it as she kept it next to her bed.

It has a nice introduction explaining much of the symbolism of the Mass, vestments etc.

I have only been to a tridentine mass a few times and I’m still getting used to it - I feel a little bit torn as there is also a beautiful mass in English close by and that’s what I grew up with.

Perhaps the latin mass will be a little more accessible now.

If you want you can order the New Baronius Press 1962 Missal - the only difference from the “old” one is that it contains the Motu Proprio in both English & Latin. :thumbsup:


Angelus Press has a "Sunday Missal Booklet"

Also, in my web travels today I found a link to a “1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal” for $50.00.
(gold-embossed Skivertex cover – not leather)
It does say “Angelus Press” on it.

Angelus Press is selling theirs for $63.00… (maybe it’s wrong)
gold-embossed skivertex cover (Item # 8043 – not leather)
Item # 8146 is the leather cover (Roman Catholic Daily Missal–Leather Cover).

The Sunday Missal Booklet is just a guide to what happens in the Mass. Angelus Press itself sell both their vinyl and real leather missals for the same price, though they really increased the price of it lately.

allcatholicbooks.com is the cheapest I can find. Genuine Leather - US$57.99 and vinyl- US$47.25. They sell the Baronius Missal the cheapest as well at US$41.25.

Thank You.

At both Angelus Press ($5.00) and All Catholic Books ($2.10) it does say “The complete Mass is in Latin and English.”

Thank you for the link to All Catholic Books, their prices are lower.

“… Short Instruction on the Holy Mass; Ordinary of the Mass for High and Low Masses; the Propers of Trinity Sunday; 22 original illustrations to help newcomers follow the Mass;… Also includes the Rite of Exposition and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. 64pp…”

It contains the entire ordinary of the Mass yes, but not all the Sunday Masses throughout the Year. It contains the Propers of the Mass for Trinity Sunday as an example. Further the Sunday Masses for the entire liturgical year in Latin-English does not fit into 64 pages of 5.5"x8.5" :wink:

Yes, I think that you are right. I went by the title of the book (“Sunday Missal Booklet”) :doh2:.

Are you really in Singapore? What day is it there? What time is it there?

tues night. And well dependent on daylight saving, either 11 or 12 hrs from EST.

If you are not necessarily looking for a new missal, you can usually find one on eBay and the price is right. Might be good interim missal until you decide exactly what you want.

I did what mary bobo said…I got a pocket missal from eBay (Stedman missal, aka My Sunday Missal) that is only for Sundays. It literally fits in your pocket. Very well done. I couldn’t be happier. Be sure and get a Large Type edition.

Go to ebay and type “Stedman missal” or “My Sunday Missal”.

Or one can also get the St Joseph Sunday Missal or the Small Roman Missal. Note that all these (including the above) are not in full Latin-English. The Small Roman Missal however has the Introit, Gradual, Alleluia, Offertory and Communion in Latin-English.

Thanks ever so much for all the responses.

I think I’ll wait for the new edition of the Baronius one to come out as it’s not so long, really.

I like the missal as a reference for before and after Mass - I think it’s good for preparation :slight_smile:

Thanks again


Missal Comparison

Beware ordering from Baronius. I ordered their 1962 Missal two months ago and never received it. They’ve stopped responding to my inquiries, too.

I’m very disappointed. I’ve heard great things about their publications, so I took the plunge and ordered it from them directly. It was a huge chunk of change for a stay-at-home mom on a tight budget.

This doesn’t sound right - did you check your credit card to make sure that it had cleared? If it didn’t that might explain it. If it did however simply send them a letter with the information (your credit card expenses) and they’ll have to send you one.


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