1962 missal

hi last night on ewtn ramon arroyo was on the world over. he gave out a web site where to study the 1962 missal. it was some thing like www.sanctus miss . org. i cant find it. can anyone please help?:shrug:


Hi Rlee,

Sanctamissa.org isn’t a guide for a layperson to use the 1962 Missal, it’s a tutorial for priests to learn to say the Tridentine Mass. It’s a very interesting site & I highly recommend it to learn what the priest is doing, but it won’t tell you how to follow the Mass prayers in your missal.

It also has guides for serving now.

I still feel it is very useful for the layperson, even just to see what’s going on.

There’s also this resource…


The tutorials teach you how to follow the TLM though you have a missal.

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