1973 movie "Catholics" with Martin Sheen

There’s a new video out there that highlights the best parts of the movie in a 10 minute time segment. It’s hard not to sympathize with the monks who don’t want to change the old ways. Of course this is a movie but I think the author of the novel Brian Moore was on top of the subject and did an excellent job of portraying both sides, probably better than any real exchange between people could. I think it is an accurate portrayal of how people feel about the changes to the mass.

Anyhow, if you haven’t seen it it is a must see. Especially if you are Irish.


You don’t HAVE to be Irish. I grew up with the Mass in Latin, and I feel exactly as Br. Matthew does, EXACTLY.

No, you don’t have to be Irish but unfortunately many Irish are apostasizing due to all the recent abuse scandals coming out. To me, it seems the church has only two ways to go in Ireland, one is to become an almost secular organization, where priest and nuns function more like social workers. The other is to return to the faith of the last 2000 years which would be hard to do without a thorough purging of the church institution, as it i is heavily infiltrated by homosexuals, modernists and the like.

I remember the movie and book well. Brian Moore was one of several authors who signed a letter to the Vatican in support of the Latin Mass.

BTW, if anyone would like to see this movie on Netflix, it is avaialble under the rereleased title “Conflict”.

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