1988 Marian Apparition in Lubbock, Tx

My grandmother was one of the 20,000+ people that went to Lubbock in 1988 and witnessed the unapproved Marian apparition. She took some incredible photographs. I was trying to find photographs from other witnesses. After searching the internet quite extensively, I found many news articles, story’s and blogs about this event, but no photos.

Does anyone know where I might be able to find photos of this event?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


I think the priest that happened to be at the Church was Monsginor Joe James at that time. Last time I head he was at the Mercy Center in Slaton, Tx. IF he is around, he might have an idea of where to find photographs.

I am not sure if contacting the local diocesan office would be of any help either. But you can try it. I wonder if the Lubbock Avalanche would have anything about the event and list some names of eyewitnesses. That would be another way to go.

So what do your grandmother’s photographs look like? I have never seen photographs taken at the event, but have heard much about it.

Little One0307

I was there and i was about 14 yrs old at the time. I remember there was a white line that went all the way across the sky and i remember the sun dancing in the sky, as if it was spinning inside of a circle, or like if someone was is waving a lit flashlight in small circles. But looking directly didnt hurt my eyes though, if we had any pictures, and i cant remember if we took them, id be happy to share them. There were also reports of rosaries turning gold for some people who where there. Hope this helps some.

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