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Let’s play a little game. Let’s say everybody on this forum was on a cruise ship together in the south seas. 2 weeks ago we suffered an explosion in the engine room and the ship sank just off the coast of a desert island (SKIPPER!!!). By the Grace of God we have all survived and managed to put together a small village using whatever we could scrape up from the wreckage and some local flora.

Being good holy people we all acknowledge that we should create a place of worship and praise God for saving our worthless butts. Fortunately we have one Bible with us. It just happens to be a KJV - Catholic Edition (go figure). So now we must all decide how our worship service will be conducted…

What is the one, non-negotiable, thing you MUST have in our little church in order for you to be satisfied? Let’s see where we can agree.

Good luck, contestants! The winner will get to keep the virtual island (property taxes are the responsibility of the winning party :smiley: ).


Are there any priests with us?


A priest.


A different service for each denomination on the island :stuck_out_tongue:


You know, I went back and forth on having a priest with us. In the end I thought it gave Catholics an unfair advantage. I think back to when my Archdioceses was nothing more than a Mission. The area Catholics would be lucky to see a priest once a month, the rest of the time they prayed together in one of their houses and shared a meal. This was not that long ago, my dioceses just celebrated it’s 50th anniversary.

So for now, let’s say we were not fortunate enough to have a priest with us and try to join our hearts to those founding faithful that struggled along to help make our Church what it is today. :thumbsup:


Question: does this hypothetical church include Muslims, atheists, agnostics, Jehovah Witness, etc. or is it trinitarian Christian.

Oh…and I love Gilligan’s Isle (I once wrote a piece called “The Long Introduction to the Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference” that had a smattering of 60s TV theme songs including Gilligan’s Isle).


A Crucifix.


Mmmm, I think we could be open to any faith. No telling who was on the cruise with us, right? Maybe a couple of the atheists ‘found God’ on the life raft :thumbsup: I especially think a Jewish influence would be nice.


I hope we have an artist with us. How about a couple palm tree trunks tied together? I bet we can fashion up a corpus using palm leaves and a coconut. It would be sort of fitting, don’t you think? A Jesus made from palms?


Maybe we would end up like those Catholics in Japan who were underground for about 200 years. When Catholic missionaries found them, they had preserved one relic: A linen corporal. All they knew was that THIS piece of cloth was precious because it was used in the Mass.



I am sure God has a special place for those with such strong faith! I hope to get to meet them some day. Thank you for the story, in only a few words you have boosted my whole day! :thumbsup:

God Bless


Yeah, that story does kind of rank in the major goose-bumps category, doesn’t it?


Interesting …

Maybe we can all agree we need a place of worship first?

Then, where it will be located? I vote for next to some running water, the sound of running water is good sounds for silent prayers and meditation (not that all the prayers have to be silent mind you).

My personal vote it to get rid of the only bible that survived the ship wreck. If anything brings dysfunction to any group of people it’s the bible. DX that thing straight away. As far as preaching / teaching in our little island place of worship - absolutely not. Prayer, praise, worship, meditation, are all great. But no teaching and no preaching, none.

Maybe we could all just pray and love each other and leave all the minutia on the boat that is now laying on the bottom of the sea. Who knows maybe it might work out that people would get along and even thrive on just those two things.

(Is there a flak vest that survived the ship wreck? If so I call dibs for bringing up the idea to DX the only bible left on the island)


Using the Psalter, and drawing from Scripture, we would develop the Shipwreck Use of the Liturgy of the Hours.


Let’s say there’s 10 of us:

2 Catholics

2 Episcopalians

2 Methodists

2 Presbyterians

2 Baptists

We’ll have a Catholic church, an Episcopal Church, a Methodist Church, a Presbyterian church, and the 1st Baptist Church and 2nd Baptist Church of the Island!


I volunteer to play piano on this island:D


I’m guessing:

The Skipper = Catholic

Gilligan = Baptist

Ginger = Methodist

Mary Ann = Lutheran

The Howell’s = Episcopalians

The Professor = Jewish


Oh please don’t get rid of the Bible. If you don’t want to use it in church that is fine by me (you will find that I will be very easy to please here). Just let me use it read on my own. Or it can be a community Bible.


Gilligan Baptist? With a foin Oirish nayme loik thaht? Gahd fergive ye!


Now that’s funny right there, I don’t care who ya are :stuck_out_tongue:

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