1st Communion Celebration Ideas

My 7 year old daughter will be having her 1st Communion in May.
We will be having a gathering of friends and family over to our home after Mass.
Does anybody have some good ideas for this celebration, stressing the the profound spiritual significance of the day ?
Guest will be coming over about noon and we plan to have a meal.(about 30 people will be there)

Our Parish has a brunch for all the 1st communicants, their families and friends. It really helps to show that we are part of a huge Catholic family!

Perhaps you could get with the Parish and arrange the same thing for your kids?

That won’t be possible this year,our parish will have over 200 1st Communions,they will be spread over the 4 Sunday Masses times and a 4 week period.

Does anybody have any good suggestions on how we can celebrate this wonderful occassion ?

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