1st Ever World Wide Holy Hour


Did you and/or your parish participate in the 1st ever World Wide Eucharistic Adoration Holy Hour?


Did you do it in conjunction and at the very same time as the pope (5:00pm Rome time) or did you parish offer it at another time?

We are doing ours at 5:30pm local time, immediately following the last mass of the day, as we have a regular Sunday mass scheduled during the time the Pope is doing it. My family is planning on participating at that time.


My parish had a Eucharistic Procession after the 11:30 am Mass.

I couldn’t make it due to a previous commitment with my mother. I attended Mass on Saturday, and we were able to make a short visit to the chapel of another parish at about 11:45 am today.
Interestingly, the parish that we visited didn’t have anything going on in connection to the Worldwide Holy Hour, and the Deacon there said he was completely unaware of it!


We joined the world for a short time, from 11:00 until the 11:30 Mass. WE had a procession after that Mass. Then at 5:00 a holy hour.:slight_smile:


Our parish had EucharisticAdoration at the same time that the Pope did, 5 p.m. Rome time. It was amazing to think of all the people in all the churches who were participating. I hope that this was only the first of many more times to come!


We have 24 hour Eucharistic Adoration so yes, we did!


When it’s 1700h in Rome, it’s 1230h at the diocesan office so that’s the time at which ours started. Everybody seemed to forget that our parish is in a different time zone and our adoration should have started at 1200h. Unfortunately, not many people showed up for the Adoration Hour.


Nothing in our parish. But DH and I do a holy hour at the Eucharistic Adoration chapel in our town every Sunday evening at 5 p.m., so that’s what we did this evening. Beautiful!!! (as always!),.


Ours was at 7am, due to an 8:30 Mass. It was well attended…and the hour was too short.


We had it at 6 pm dallas time. Loved it. Loved spending time with The Lord, praying, thanking him for all he does. Currently their airing on EWTN the worldwide Eucharistic adoration.


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