1st Muslim call to prayer inside Hagia Sophia since 1931 [CC]


For the first time in 85 years, a Muslim call to prayer has taken place inside Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.



Awful. Just awful.

I wish the Church had our cathedral back and Masses were celebrated there again.


Given the aggressiveness of much of Islam (including Erdogan’s government) in recent years, this should surprise no one.


I wish it was even in Orthodox hands…at least the sacredness would be respected.


I’d settle for it just remaining a museum open to all. If it becomes an active mosque it could be the end of open access.


Well, since it was historically the cathedral of the Patriarch of Constantinople, it should be held by the Orthodox.


Indeed. If they are going to start using it as a mosque regularly again the least they could do is also open it up to the Orthodox for regular use as well. Seeing as it has been a secular museum for almost a century.




It was be a glorious thing to have Jesus in the Eucharist present there again after so long.


I’ve been to Hagia Sophia. It’s staggeringly beautiful. It was pretty much purely secular when I was there (although there is some Arabic calligraphy high up on the walls that I assume is something from the Koran).

I’m not so sure that if Hagia Sophia becomes an active mosque, public access will end. The famous (and equally beautiful, although in a very different way) Blue Mosque (visited by Pope Benedict around ten years ago!) across the plaza has always, and still is, open to the public.

I will also say that the adhan, the Muslim call to prayer, which I’ve heard in many places around the world, is a beautiful and inspiring sound. Still, I’d be disappointed to see Hagia Sophia, for many years open to everyone as a museum, turned into a mosque.


I was surprised that you must pay for entrance when entering Hagia Sophia, Islamic shrine opposite functions as a place of service and admission is free there


Hopefully they will keep the name as Hagia Sophia atleast. The term Holy Wisdom, is not created by Islamic teaching. :smiley:



Islamists are in control in Turkey, and they reject the secular underpinnings of the modern state of Turkey.


it will probably revert to being a mosque sad to say.


Not so surprising. Hagia Sophia is (or was, anyway) a museum, and everywhere I’ve been in the world, one has to pay an admission fee to enter a museum.

The Blue Mosque, on the other hand, is an active place of worship, and places of worship generally don’t charge admission fees.

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