2,000 displaced Christians living in tents in Islamabad

Nearly 2,000 Christians are living in tents here for the past three months, and most of them claim the Government has evicted them off their lands without warning, citing their religion.

According to a report, people are dying of poverty and their living conditions are said to be quite pathetic.

“I think there’s a danger here, especially with some of the younger children, that they could just die from dehydration or from all kinds of infections,” The Daily Times quoted Dr Rizwan Taj, as saying.

“I am very surprised, really because this is the centre of Islamabad, just right in the centre. And the facilities they need are not but 10 minutes from here,” he added.

Government officials on the other hand say they had given sufficient warning to the Christian community.

“We are constitutionally bound to protect the life and property of the minorities and to look after the interests of the minorities in this country… they are equal citizens of the country. Yes, there is a problem, but we are trying to solve those problems,” said Pakistan’s Minority Affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti. (ANI)


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