2-25-12: Ex-Catholic ridicules and denigrates Jesus, Transubstantiation, and our Church. Please pray and help with rebuttal.

The post title says it all. In today’s Huff Post, self-acknowledged ex-Catholic Larry Doyle has assaulted Jesus, the Church, and Catholics everywhere in “The Jesus-Eating Cult of Rick Santorum.” Reminiscent of the hissing from the fires of hell, he has spewed venomous hatred and contempt for everything Catholic, particularly the heart of our faith, Jesus, Transubstantiation, the sacrifice of the Holy Mass, our priests, our pope, and Santorum’s degree of adherence to Church teachings if elected President. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is mocked, Benedict XVI is called a Nazi, and the Church is accused of having carried on “bloody jihads” for centuries.

In regards to Catholicism, he says, “I have an obligation to expose this phony theology that threatens to supplant Christianity as our official national religion.”

The so-called article is beyond ugly; I have no idea how much more vile this is going to get, but I fear that the article is going to be widely reprinted and referenced. Although it is submitted under the comedy tab, it’s written in such a way that many people, if not tens of thousands, will actually believe what is written to be the truth, and there is absolutely no humor presented.

Please, let’s help each other to know how to answer the questions we’re bound to have thrown at us, and, please, let’s pray that Doyle and others of his ilk have 180-degree changes of heart and mind, that they may cease being tools of Satan. While we’re at it, we need to pray for the future of our Church in America and for America!

Go to Huff Post and click on Comedy, or: huffingtonpost.com/larry-doyle/the-jesuseating-cult-of-r_b_1296358.html?ref=comedy But I warn you: this is one of the worst examples of apostasy that you’ll ever read.

Saint Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host—by the Divine Power of God—cast into hell Satan and all evil spirits who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

It takes a sick mind indeed to come up with all that rediculous nonsense.

He needs help.

I’m not clicking on any link to the Huffington Post.

From what you described of this article, this person is seriously sick.

And if this is what passes for “comedy” at Huff Post, well then I think they are all in need of prayer.

ahh… Ignorance is bliss

Unfortunetly our Church in this culture is being attacked from many sides,I wish I could recall Bible quotes I would insert the one were Jesus says “the gates of hell will not prevail…” lets use our weapons, prayers.:slight_smile:

This is not our threat. Our threat is not from groups of people who would a) read the Huffington Post, b) frequent the Comedy section of such, and c) allow their worldview to be shaped by a) and b). These people are weak, feeble men with no backbone and no sense of maturity to put anything together in society that would amount to any type of threat to the Catholic faith. Let’s indeed pray for them, however.

Our threat is much more subtle and insidious, the gradual secularist totalitarian movements in our society which goes largely undetected, and changes normal, intelligent people’s views. It slowly smothers Christianity by adding small pressures and weights on top of it, until it is all but snuffed out of mainstream society. Let us turn our focus on this real battle, not the Larry Doyle’s of the world, who I sometimes think actually do us good, by creating such laughable outlandish articles as to make the casual net-browsing passerby actually give more credence to Catholicism, than less.

You seem decidedly Catholic. Probably none of my business, but any reason why your religion is listed as “unsure”?

Stop seeking religious news from the Huffington post.

In what ways exactly is secularism “totalitarian?” And how is Santorum’s agenda not “totalitarian?” This is a man who has said the following:

“They [the libertarianish right] have this idea that people should be left alone, be able to do whatever they want to do. Government should keep our taxes down and keep our regulation low and that we shouldn’t get involved in the bedroom, we shouldn’t get involved in cultural issues, you know, people should do whatever they want. Well, that is not how traditional conservatives view the world, and I think most conservatives understand that individuals can’t go it alone…"

This man is interested in protecting freedom only when freedom means doing things his, and ONLY his, morality agrees with. The rest we can ban if its not something the pope would approve of.

Note, I am not defending Doyle in any way, and his article, if you can call it that, is a terrible pack of lies.

I don’t necessarily agree with Santorum. I didn’t say secularism is totalitarian. The current administration, however, has slowly revealed characteristics of a type of secularist totalitarianism (not in it’s pure or complete form, mind you), by gradually imposing policies which seek to exclude religious morality from the public conversation, and snuff out the Church altogether. What Santorum’s administration would allegedly do, based on this quote above, remains to be seen. It is not clear from the quote what the actual strategy would be. But if it would be religious totalitarianism, I would not agree with that either. What is right is to ensure all people’s constitutional rights are upheld.

Could you give some examples?

Outside of the present HHS mandate, you mean?

He reversed a Bush policy that protected freedom of conscience regarding medical doctors.

His HHS stopped its funding of successful Catholic programs that help victims of human trafficking because they don’t refer for abortions for the victims.

…and that’s just some of the anti-Church socialist agenda…which will undoubtedly get worse if he gets another 4.

do you really need examples of other socialist/totalitarian moves his administration has made over the past 3 years? It’s fairly common knowledge any more.

But I’m sure all this is appropriate for another thread, and in fact, has long been discussed in dozens of them.

To a certain extent you are right. However, some feeble, unquestioning minds will read that article, or hear of it and so the fertile soil is prepared for the sowing of the weeds you refer to.


You walk with the Lord, and they are allowed to walk with what ever they believe. You better get used to suffering disbelief. That is what the Lord really suffered on the Cross. This empire, U.S. of A. Is returning to the Roman ways of before the churches. Step by step, law by law.

Leegal, I have never sought religious information from Huffington Post. I had gone to Huffington Post to determine if another source was correct in saying that HP had actually printed something else that was outrageous. I then saw the Doyle title, and, appalled, clicked on it to see what more anti-Catholic propaganda had been printed.

However, where I read and what I read is beside the point. I truly don’t understand why you made that comment. It will likely be reprinted in numerous other locations, both on and off the Internet. Had I not read it, it would still be available for thousands and thousands of other readers, many of whom will regard it as truth, and likely will become part of the fodder of the Catholic-bashers who spread untruths about us from their pulpits and in their printed material.

I had physical reactions when I read the words: numbness in my fingers and face, a churning stomach, and cold extremities, yet I KNOW the truth. We can’t begin to predict how many non-Catholics will believe this tripe, but we know that the anti-Catholic crusaders believe the other myths about the purpose of the church and the supposedly nefarious intentions of Catholics, so they’ll eat this up and tell others as though the garbage is truth. It’s all the more believable because it’s written by a self-proclaimed ex-Catholic–more fodder in the arsenals of the rabidly anti-Catholic.

I do believe that forewarned is forearmed, but this vitriol floors me. I am dead-serious when I said that we need our best verbal ammunition to counter the attacks that are sure to follow. We need to make the victory of the Church an intention in our daily prayers, and pray that those of us confronted with the task of coming up with an immediate answer are able to remain cool-headed and to deliver with the best possible words.

If you live in a large city where anonymity is part of everyday life, and you mainly interact with those in your different circles, work, family, friends, etc., then you have no idea of the barbarism and witch-hunt mentality foisted upon the hundreds of thousands of us not enjoying the privilege of that anonymity. We, however, bear the full brunt of the animosity of such individuals. Yes, I could mount a defense without help. But I want the best defense possible, not just one that rolls off my tongue, because I’ll likely only have one shot with each challenge. I guarantee that I’m not going to be the only one bombarded with the “info” in this article, and now that it’s on the Internet, it won’t quietly go away, whether or not I clicked on that article.

Again, I ask for your help in counteracting this demonic regurgitation and for your prayers for the Church.

BListon–I LOVE the words on your pic! So perfect to describe all the atheists I’ve encountered. Back in my college days it was a standing joke that all the kids with chips on their shoulders were atheists. They’d barge into a discussion with their psuedo-philosophical demeanor after dismissing what the group discussion might be–arrogant, demeaning, and SO narcissistic! Their self-annointed superiority was entertaining if you could let their words go in one ear and out the other! It was often difficult to keep a straight face. Thanks for reminding me of those days–I needed a good laugh!

SteveGC, I agree that we face an insidious threat from within our national political culture, and that we need to remain ever-vigilant. However, I do not agree that we need not fear “articles” such as this one, and in no way is anything stated in it even remotely humorous. There is nothing laughable about the piece.

Rather, it’s anti-Catholic radicalism at its best and fear-mongering at its worst. HP always has had a decidedly liberal (in every sense of the word, but especially politically and religiously) bent that has become more noticeable, just over the past year. Doyle wasn’t jesting; those are his beliefs. Since he and HP wanted to disseminate his thoughts, which he presents as insider information, and HP couldn’t justify printing it in any other category, “comedy” became their ace. The HP heads know that they’ll get flak, but they’ll claim the readers just don’t understand the humor. They’ll say that Catholics can’t take a joke, so if there’s any fault, it’s not theirs, and mainstream media–print, radio, TV, and online “news”–will chime right in.

Even CONSIDERING printing such diatribe wouldn’t have been a blip on the radar a few years ago. The question is, at what point in time did it become acceptable for even a psuedo-news source to contemplate, even remotely, printing something as repugnant as this? I don’t think that they would have dared to print this venom four years ago. At what point did it become possible to print this without fear of overwhelming retribution? Three years? Two? During this past year? The freedom on the part of HP to print the article is part of the insidious squelching to which you refer.

We need to bombard Heaven with prayers for the conversion of sinners, especially for Doyle and others of his ilk. Only prayer can help people so depraved.

The NAMBLA connection almost certainly refers to Fr. Paul Shanley, a former Boston priest and true monster. Fr. Shanley was part of the early gay rights movement in Boston. Madeiros ignored complaints about Shanley’s involvement in NAMBLA. The Catholic Church is not the tactical arm of NAMBLA, although perverts in the priesthood certainly have exploited the Church to push homosexuality and God knows what else.

All in all, a stupid article from a ridiculous news source.

As far as Nazis go, maybe Mr. Doyle could look into the book The Pink Swastika, although I highly doubt Huffington Post ever would touch something like that.

I am anxious to read about the MANDATE being proposed by conservative pro-life legislatures that will curtail the sexual liberties of Mr doyle et al.

LOL thanks… I thought pretty much summed things up!

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