2.5 year old at Ratatouille?

We’re considering taking our 2.5 year old son to see Ratatouille in the theater. We don’t have TV, and (except in the last few weeks :blush: ) our 2.5 year old frequently goes for several days without seeing anything on TV. Poor little guy–we can stick in a tape of Fr. Corapi and he’s spellbound :smiley: He does sit through Disney movies such as Aladin, Pinnochio, and Cars (of course!).

So… does anyone think we should/shouldn’t take him to see Ratatouille in the theater next week? We’ll also be taking along 6 month old baby sister and the grandparents. I don’t think baby will be a problem if she’s on our laps and has free access to the breast :stuck_out_tongue:

The movie isn’t exactly aimed at that age level (it’s, surprisingly, aimed more at adults then children) but seeing as there is nothing objectionable then yeah, it should be fine. You’ll probably enjoy it more then him though :stuck_out_tongue:

I think your child will be fine in this movie. When i saw it with my mom a few weeks back there were a lot of very little kids who got a kick out of the rats.

It’s a cartoon, I think a 2.5 year old would be mesmorized!

Most states require that a child can walk out of a theater by his/herself. So that may be something for you to consider.

Also, I found it interesting, today a study came out that children under two should not watch any tv. It is about time. Our grandson is limited to about 90 minutes, but maybe we need to cut that back. He loves Elmo and Calliou.

They say that the rapid and actions and loud noises along with the bright colors cause learning problems later on. I really had been wondering about that myself.

Just something to consider anyway. :confused: :shrug:

**Have you considered seeing if any theaters in your area have a Mom/Dad and kids showing of the movie?

Sometimes when smal children get in movie theaters, they think it’s like home and there winds up being a lot of talking, questions and explanations. Even though the parents think they are being quiet, they really aren’t.

But it is very nice that you are all going out as a family to do something together.**

The bigger question is: “Are there any showings of the movie that are NOT for Mom/Dad and kids?” :smiley:

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