2 altars?


Oh, one more thing, please note that I made reference to the temple in my original post and the route it took away from Gods specific word given for the tabernacle. Everything about the temple, especially the first temple, was extremely ornate. God was specific in saying He didn’t want that but allowed it nonetheless.


I have been churches when the there been two alter one is the one face east and the second one is the 2 Vatican rite alter facing the people.


Well, … According to the writings of Jerome, there was originally only one altar in early church history. However, By the late 7th century there was evidence of church’s having 4-13 altars! This was sometimes due to the number of relics that any church had. Today there is still churches with multiple altars but the ones I have noticed in some catholic churches dedicate one altar specifically to the Eucharist. This may not be true for every church however.

Traditionally, in the East, there was to be only one Divine Liturgy (Mass) celebrated on the altar per day. If there were other priests celebrating the Divine Liturgy that day, they had to use a different altar. :slight_smile:


The reason for having more alter is ether for devotion or be fore Vatican two a priest couldn’t concelabrated the mass and they would celabreated mass in the side chapels.


At my parish we have two altars as well but the second is off to the side in the chapel, just wanted to put my input for your knowledge.


It was before Vatican 2 priests weren’t allowed to concelebrate mass so the other priest would say mass in the other side chapels


This is not technically true. A priest’s ordination Mass is concelebrated and always has been, even before VII. The change to allow concelebration outside of an ordination Mass was an innovation that came after VII.


It wasn't allowed in the Latin rite but there isthere has always been concentration in the east tadshion


well, was it really a true concelebration though?


yes I have been studding about the the Tridentine Mass


See here: sanctamissa.org/en/faq/concelebration.html


yes but not the way we know it he newly ordained knelt at a prie-dieux and read along with the bishop


that’s what I’m talking about. It’s not really concelebration as we know of it. It’s more like a read-along…


I do I use that web site for my research when i was studding the Traditional Latin mass


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