2 Baptist churches leaving N.C. group


It just seems the divisions among Christians is becoming even more commonplace. Though I am not Baptist it does hurt Christianity, as a whole, when these type events take place.

Any comments??



Looks like it up to 33,002…:stuck_out_tongue:


That is a strategy the enemy will use … divide and conquer. Sometimes we make it so easy for him.

Like a divorce the ones punished are the ones who sit in the pews each week. Who to pick … mom or dad. Though sometimes Catholics whine about the lack of flexibilty in Mother Church the alternative is worse. Sometimes there is a lot of hollering in the house but, thank God, we still live under the same roof.


I am not certain who the enemy is?

Matt 18:15-17,…….says if you have a problem, take it to the church. These two congregations didn’t like what their church was proclaiming. So what!

Who cares what Christ taught if you have an inspired revelation!!!

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